The 10 Most Amazing Non-NBA Shots Of All Time


We’ve all seen the amazing half court shots and buzzer beaters that NBA players seem to be able to do with ease but what about those regular people. The ones we aren’t going to see partying with groupies. The ones that go home and still have homework to do. These guys get almost no glory but not anymore.

Here are 10 of the best NON NBA basketball ever!

Shout outs to my man J.E. Skeets from BDL on this one.

Front flip from the other side of the court… Are you kidding me???

It’s a good thing number 42 ducked down when he did or this would have taken his head off.

For something that took him two days to accomplish, you’d think he’d be a little more excited.

From his ass?

If it goes under, through

Nice shot off the roof

Nice shot kid

And 1, from beyond half court

Now this is what I call a game winning shot, Michael Jordan eat your heart out

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Author: Lenny

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