The 41st Annual NORML Conference is a Month Away

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NORML is one of the largest and most respected marijuana law reform organizations. They have a huge following and have debatably done more to inform people about the fallacies of marijuana prohibition than any other organization. They also teach about the current laws and help regular people to get involved with the legalization battle on the front lines.

This year they will be holding their annual conference and this years theme is: The Final Days of Cannabis Prohibition

Here is more info on the conference and you can find out even more the NORML website:

2012 NORML Conference Roundtable Panel Topics (sample of agenda topics):

  • Seventy-five Years of Cannabis Prohibition in America, October 3, 1937 – October 3, 2012: A review of the Cannabis Prohibition epoch in America
  • Broken Promises: Obama Administration and Federal Blowback Against Medical Cannabis Industry
  • Pot-n-Politics 2012: Review of Reform Initiatives Impacting Cannabis Consumers
  • Whatever Happened to Hemp?
  • Cannabis and the ‘Demo’ Gap: Who Does Not Support Cannabis Legalization and What Can We Do About It
  • Cannabis and Senior Citizens in America
  • Cannabis Legalization and Taxation: What Might It Look like?
  • The Changing Face of the Medical Cannabis Community
  • NORML Women’s Alliance: Past is Prologue – Women’s Role in Ending American Prohibitions
  • Nor’ Easter Storm: Has the Epicenter Of Cannabis Law Reform Moved East?
  • Putting The ‘Grass’ Into Grassroots Activism
  • High Times’ InDepth: Cannabis Cultivation and Concentrate Production
  • California activist and stakeholder meeting
Be sure to register for the conference here


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Author: Lenny

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