The 8 Weirdest Players in the NBA

There is no sport that would be complete without strange players. It’s like WWE without the heels. The Pacman Jones, Manny Ramirez, and Chris Simon’s of the sports world make it way more interesting for all of us.  Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t help but feel some type of emotion for these guys.

With the NBA season just underway, here is a list of the weirdest players the NBA has offer this season.

8. Bruce “Lee” Bowen

Bruce Bowen is a lockdown defender.  No one can doubt that but no one can doubt that he is one of the dirtiest players in the NBA.  He is like Dennis Rodman without the strange haircut.  He will kick you in the balls, step on your feet, push you, or do like he did to poor Wally Szczerbiak.

7. Ron “I’m coming for you in section C” Artest

Fans everywhere should fear Ron Artest. Besides the fact that he is a thug turned NBA baller who still tries to maintain his street cred, he is fucking crazy. Of course if Ron Ron happens to be reading this, you are not crazy, just passionate (until I move out of Houston, then your fucking crazy again.)

Of course you can look at the infamous brawl in Detroit but here are some other examples of Ronny being Ronny.

He steals fans oranges

He thinks he’s a gorilla

He is just plain crazy

6.  Shaquille “Tell me how my ass tastes” O’neal

In the past Shaquille O’neal has been known as a force to be reckoned with the NBA but now he is nothing more than a washed up older player who gets injured a lot and should probably retire. However, he is still relevant, not because of his play on the court but because of everything he says off of it.

Here are some of his best quotes of all time… hiliarious.

And how could you forget the rapping.

5.  Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic

Sasha Vujacic is a pretty good backup on the Lakers but for one thing, whats going on with his hair? Ok beyond that, this whole machine fiasco was very disturbing and I have a feeling he was somehow behind this.

4. Greg “Whipdick” Oden

Greg Oden has to be the most famous NBA player ever to play in a half of a game. He gets injured like it’s his job and he has a mysterious fetish for white women.

Ok wait, all NBA players love white women so that’s not that strange but this commercial is enough to put him on the list.

3. Delonte “What’s that on my lip” West

If you don’t know why he is on this list, just watch this video. And wtf is up with his lip.

2. Stephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury has a long history of ruining good teams. Despite the fact that he has exceptional talent, whenever he goes to a new team, they start losing.

You could point to that or a number of other things as to why he is so weird, including his choice of tattoo.

I think the biggest thing though is his historically bad interview on Mic’d up. Stephon, crack is whack.

1. Joakim “Caveman” Noah

I think it’s pretty fitting that Joakim Noah plays on the same team that the weirdest player of all time Dennis Rodman played on.

Where can I start on Joakim, ummm… maybe it’s his choice of style….

Maybe it’s his dancing skills…

I don’t really know what it is but he smokes and those NBA ballers get banging weed so I wouldn’t mind rolling up blunts with him.

Honorable Mentions: Adam Morrison, Deshawn Stevenson, Drew Gooden, Scott Pollard

Did I forget anybody?

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Author: Lenny

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