The Beginning of Change

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I don’t mean Obama, but I’d like to point out that much change is in fact happening during his Presidency. The Senate Committee has passed the “National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009″, which will create the ” National Criminal Justice Commission”. The Commission’s duty would be as follows (taken from the Act itself):

The Commission shall undertake a comprehensive review of the criminal justice system, make findings related to current Federal and State criminal justice policies and practices, and make reform recommendations for the President, Congress, and State governments to improve public safety, cost-effectiveness, overall prison administration, and fairness in the implementation of the Nation’s criminal justice system.

This means that we can look forward to new procedures being implemented and (hopefully) non-violent drug offenders not being prosecuted as if they were the violent ones.  You can view the entire Act right here. They also go over some interesting facts and statistics regarding the U.S. Criminal Justice system, like how America’s incarceration rate is “five times the world’s average incarceration rate”. If this goes all the way through and Obama signs off, it’ll be that much easier to go on an L ride and not have to look out for the boys.

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Author: JV420

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