The Boston Freedom Rally made history last month

The 23rd annual Boston Freedom Rally went down last month at the Boston common. The event has grown over the years with this years rally reaching a crowd of more than 50,000. I made the trek from the West Coast to Boston to cover this event. One thing that was strikingly noticeable was the amount of people who were smoking right in front of police. This is how life should be if this had been a beer festival, police presence would have been necessary because it would’ve been a tremendous amount of fighting. The stoners out there that they were not concerned with fighting however, they were more concerned with seeing how high they could get and eating all the junk food that was available.

The day started off cloudy, and it looked like it was going to rain however the day turned out to be gorgeous. The festival included speakers, items for sale from vendors, live music, and plenty of food for people to munch on. Every year at 4:20 Rick Cusick from High Times Magazine announces the 4:20 countdown however, the high times staff was in Seattle for cannabis cup there. So instead High Times called in and celebrated 4:20 on the East Coast with us. I’m sure they celebrated 4:20 west coast as well.

Some of the key speakers included Barney Frank (Mass Congressman), Allen St. Pierre (Executive Director NORML), Jodie Emery (Owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine), Keith Stroup (Founder of NORML), Madeline Martinez (Executive Director Oregon NORML), and Judge Jim Gray (Running Mate with Gary Johnson for Presidential Candidate) and many, many more. They shared impassioned speeches with stoners from all over the northeast region of the united states. Primarily encouraging local Boston voters to pass the vote to get medical marijuana passed there this year.

Times are changing. Rallies like this will be more regular and one day we will celebrate marijuana being legal.

Check the gallery from the festival below:

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