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Back with cannabis’ good friends at The Wall Street Journal Market Watch today.  Here’s another place you may never have expected to see cannabis — as the subject of marketing research for legal cannabis outlets.  How can change not be close?


The Company is called Altitude Organic and they rolled out a new “new national shelf space acquisition strategy.”  Don’t fall asleep — this is remarkable.  Shelf space for cannabis!  The company is combing through thousands of products and selecting only those it feels will be tremendously popular with dispensary clientele.

“Our national, shelf-space acquisition program is unlike any program currently offered to the marijuana industry . . . [our program] is expected to take the industry by storm in the coming months ahead,” says Brian Cook, President of Altitude Organic Corporation. He goes on to state, “[We]” support the thousands of marijuana dispensaries clamoring for quality products that cater to their customers’ unique interests.   Join forces with a publicly traded marijuana industry leader.”

Altitude Organic Corporation provides independently-owned retail dispensaries in Colorado, California, and Arizona business support services, while also acting as a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs looking to enter the burgeoning, multi-billion dollar industry of legal cannabis.

Now, just so HMJ doesn’t get accused of having a bias on this issue, here’s some yin for the earlier yang:  One of California’s biggest medical marijuana establishments – embraced by local officials as a model business that donates to the poor and pays millions in taxes – has become the latest target in a statewide crackdown by federal prosecutors.

Berkeley Patients Group, founded in 1999 by leading names in the state’s medical marijuana movement, will cease operations at its current location later this year. The decision to shutter the outlet on San Pablo Avenue was triggered by a warning from Melinda Haag, the U.S. attorney for Northern California.

In a letter sent to the owner of the building that houses the dispensary, Haag said federal prosecutors would file a forfeiture action if marijuana continued to be distributed at the location. Berkeley Patients Group has leased the property since 1999 and operates under a city license.   The letter cited violations of federal law and the fact that the outlet is within 1,000 feet of two schools.

So, Greenies, let’s review this emerging paradox:  Wall Street positions itself to be making money the instant cannabis is once again legal, while the transitory changing governmental structure frightens landlords into not renting to pot people.  Who do you think wins long-term?
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