The Cannabis Action Network seeks legalization in Florida

The Cannabis Action Network (C.A.N.) has petitioned the state of Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi, to amend marijuana’s classification as a Schedule 1 drug. Now that the petition has been filed, Bondi has 30 days under Florida state law in which to respond. Jodi James, the executive director for C.A.N., had this to say in regards to the group’s efforts: “Until the attorney general makes that decision, then everyone else’s hands are tied, including the medical community.” The group’s motives for removing the scheduling include allowing Florida scientists to research the plant to unveil its medical efficacy and also permitting doctors to prescribe the drug.

At the cost of $20,000 a year to house prisoners in the state, they could only stand to benefit from eliminating or drastically changing their state cannabis laws. Prisons should only house criminals, not otherwise responsible adults that merely got popped for pot possession. Robert Ohlwiler, the treasurer for C.A.N., had this to say about Florida’s current prison situation: “We need to revisit reducing penalties to be more in line with the crime and also to do a lot better return on investment for our taxpayers.”

The president for the Cannabis Action Network, Catherine Jordan, has the best testimony in regards to the necessity to amend her state’s laws. Catherine lives with Lou Gehrig’s disease and commends the cannabis treatments for extending her life. One of Catherine’s focal points for rescheduling cannabis in her state is to eliminate the criminal aspect involved with using cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes. She had this to say in regards to her personal experience with the state’s laws: “Florida has a medical necessity defense, but I had to be arrested to use it,” she said. “This is a life-and-death situation for me. And I do have a right to life.”

It’s compassion we are looking for here, people. Not just for medical patients in need of this wonder drug, but as well as for those of us across the globe that choose to use cannabis for recreational and wellness purposes. I feel a global metamorphosis taking place, almost as if a tidal wave of understanding is washing across our nation with every initiative that’s passed. It’s the anticipation of a monumental shift that’s killing me!

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