The Cannabis Industry is Growing Up

Quality control is a vital part of many, if not most businesses and industry.  That concept is taking hold in the emerging cannabis trade.  As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, the local U.S. attorney wants to paint the medical marijuana dispensaries as nothing more than fronts for drug trafficking.  Mary Williams, founder of San Francisco marijuana certification lab Botanitec, says this is a distortion of the facts.  Many dispensaries and collectives are deeply devoted to helping patients.
Botanitec is a San Francisco and San Jose marijuana safety testing service that serves growers and dispensaries across Northern California. Unlike standard pot testing services which focus almost exclusively on potency of the herb, Botanitec includes screening for chemical contaminants, biological contaminants, physical material hazards, potency and more. Williams states that by testing all their medicine for safety-not just potency-growers and collectives can demonstrate professionalism and show they are dedicated to the health of their patients. If you have ever purchased a bag that turned out to be filled with mites or had been improperly flushed prior to harvest, you may be in agreement with Ms. Williams.

Patients need to know their medical cannabis is free from biological and chemical contaminants. Williams emphasizes this is especially critical for immune compromised patients. “Botanitec conducted a recent random survey of 11 dispensaries located in the North Bay area. The results were alarming: 0 comprehensively tested for potency and biological/chemical contaminants; 7 tested for potency only; and 4 didn’t test at all. We didn’t find any dispensary testing its entire medical cannabis inventory or tying the testing that was performed to any specific lot date code or harvest date, or keeping logs of the medicine to be easily accessed should any issues arise,” says Mary. “While the results are alarming, the primary corrective actions needed are simple to enact.”

These are growing pains, Greenies, and when a living entity grows up, it gets stronger and smarter (hopefully). That’s where our emerging industry is headed. There is struggle in growth, and struggle makes us better than we were.

Learn more at the San Francisco Chronicle article.

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