The Date Cannabis Re-Legalizes is . . .

The cannabis culture is not the group who will set the date for the re-legalization of cannabis.  If that group were making that decision cannabis would already be legal.  The “always opposed” are not the group who will set the date for the re-legalization of cannabis.  If that group were making that decision cannabis would never be legal.  The date on which cannabis will once again be legal (and most likely regulated) will be  made by people who (1) don’t care for cannabis themselves [leaves more for me is how I see it] but (2) do not oppose responsible cannabis use.  I offer as evidence one “Justin ‘Filthy Liberal Scum’ Rosario.”


Whenever I write about marijuana I always feel the need to clarify that I do not smoke pot and I never have. If it was fully legalized tomorrow, I would not run out and buy some. The only way I would is if a doctor prescribed it and even then I would not do it willingly. It doesn’t interest me and never has. I say this because people have a tendency to dismiss pro-marijuana articles as propaganda written by pot heads who want their favorite hobby legalized. I could care less. With that in mind, I also always feel the need to point out that marijuana is not addictive in a chemical sense like, say, cigarettes nor a psychological sense, like, say, gambling both of which are legal in this country. More importantly, marijuana has legitimate and well documented medicinal uses unlike the aforementioned cigarettes and gambling.

[The writer discusses the tragedy of medical marijuana patients being denied a place on transplant lists. The story is in the article if you have not already found this sorrow.]

After waiting years on the list, both Trujillo and Smith might be reinstated but at the bottom. In the meantime, Smith was told he has only 90 days to live and Trujillo has contracted an infection from her dialysis.

Ridiculous. Here are two people following the medical instructions of their doctors and being punished for it. Why? Because there are still elements in the United States that treat marijuana as if it were cocaine despite the large body of research that says otherwise. These two desperately ill, actual, real life human beings will possibly die for an irrational prejudice and a poorly informed one at that.

It’s time we abandoned our childish moralizing over other people’s behaviors. And it’s far past time we stopped ignoring the science behind medicinal marijuana.

Greenies, this writer is a member of the group of people who are going to pick the date of re-legalization. When you meet these individuals, and you meet them every hour of every day, suggest to them that a good date to re-legalize would be today. We can make this happen.

I met the Filthy Liberal Scum and enjoyed the intro. Maybe you will too.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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