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The Deew Box is the coolest product you can’t buy yet



Recently I have searched the web for something special, something unique. I have been looking for the next step in cannabis culture, something that soon no one could be without. This search led me to a website called Kickstarter, a curious idea where inventors all over the world can bring their ideas to the attention of potential investors to fund their ingenious inventions. What I found while on my search was The Deew Box, and I cannot wait to get one of my very own!


Experts have decoded the mysterious name of the box and discovered it is ‘WEED’ spelled backwards. This would explain why the paper shredder grinds marijuana so well and conveniently holds all of my cannabis tools! The Deew Box was created by Branden Drebing, a man with a dream and an ingenious invention that will revolutionize how we go about our everyday lives. Designed for forward thinking, GREEN businessman (or businesswoman), The Deew Box delivers everything you could ever want in a mobile office.  Roll up a chair and pass this video to the colleague on your left and you will see what I mean.



This all-in-one weed tray makes travelling with my stash discreet and very convenient. From the built-in “paper shredder” to the trash can/note holder ( an ashtray and de-bowler, my favorite feature), The Deew Box will make going green on the go a breeze. For any of us who find themselves always losing papers, lighters (I mean erasers), and in need of reliable storage, the Deew Box is the answer.

Branden has given the cannabis culture a special gift. Style, convenience, and discretion all wrapped up in one customizable package. But before we get our hands on this awesome box, we have to help him get it off the ground by going to his Kickstarter page and back his idea. Inventions like this do not come around every day, so let’s support Branden for thinking outside the box… and start making The Deew Box a reality.


Here is the link!


Click here to support this awesome product.

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Author: JONG

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