The Disturbing Tweets of a Paranoid Stoner

Though some people we know do get inexplicably paranoid from pot, not many of them share the inner-demons of their psychosis with the rest of the world.

@MPMC_Services is a twitter account dedicated to the paranoid marijuana experience or what some call “The Fear.” What do you think, Greenies? Are these just nonsensical ramblings, or a legitimate look into the mental disturbances that marijuana provokes in certain individuals. Whatever it is, it’s well beyond your basic paranoia about the cops busting you or your parents discovering your stash.

Well, what’s the verdict? Does this person need to be committed? Should he/she lay off the pot. Or… should he/she perhaps  smoke more?



..more guidance..

let the idea explode in the fires of the brain and slither out into the cool pools of uber-reality

Paranoia Management offers the escape route, the vicarious passage to the same destination of tranquility, enlightenment, beauty and comfort we all seek.

a canni-companion.

it's why we share weed, right?

Bryan Basamanowicz

beautifully stated, my fist-handled cane-wielding friend . 2015 is creeping up by the way. gotcha eyes on the ALMANAC!?


I find the instentaneous clarity sends me into a state of extreme anxiety. It’s hard for me to look at myself in the mirror or see other people without feeling like I’m on Animal Farm. I’m not sure if this is something I should be concerned about. Do you think Nepolean is in heaven sipping brandy with Joseph Stalin? I like to think so.

Bryan Basamanowicz

My God Man! Ghostly The Carnivorous Unicorn, I used to love that show as a kid!

Ahh, fake memories.

But right on with the Animal Farm bit. Perfectly normal. Orwell is a phantom for socially conscious paranoiacs.

I don't think Joey 'Lin and Nip-Nip are heaven friends any longer. Think they used to be, but then Joe found Jesus and all he wants to do is hang out with him all the time. Napoleon feels left out.

Bryan Basamanowicz

wow– the Rebellion of the pawns. Good stuff. this is an excellent comment. good luck bedding the queen and keeping those pawns in check, bro.


I believe, as a tweeter of your namesake, you either owe it to the public to conquer paranoia, or else come up with another name. That is to say if you are going to continue aiding people in managing their own paranoia.

I wouldn't seek psychological help from a Dr. Notsurewhatyouarethinking, nor would I seek legal council from a Mr. Imaynotgetyououtofit.

See what I mean?

Other than that, for yourself, those paranoias sound relatively normal. BUT, don't continue to be subject to uncomfortableness if you realize it is going to subside.

There's no shame in that.

Bryan Basamanowicz

I think the concept MPMC is going for is the ability to experience and preserve certain unique fields of imaginative/pschotomimetic experience while not letting the anxiety overrun you and make you feel like you've lost control. This is why it's important to approach the matter with good humor and an abundant belief in the temporality of this experience and of all things.

I think the purpose of the twitter feed is to offer a sense of identification with paranoid stoners, to give darkness its due while striving for the light. I do believe that a sense of mastery over paranoia is attainable, but as many paranoiacs will tell you, certain elements of the experience are just too damn interesting not too want to preserve. Building community is an important first step to mastery and one can only build community by identifying with the afflicted, especially in a matter of this nature.


Everytime I smoke the blessed GANJA plant I think the paranoia (at least for me) makes you feel like a small indentation on the chess board of life. Like the rook has taken one too many trips to try to bed the queen and keep her captured in his tower.

What happens when we end up in the tower and the pawns, instead of defending the tower, turn against it?

Its all pale blue dot man, pale blue dot.


I think this person needs to be committed lol


However, on a serious note, when I smoke pot, the only fear I get is having a heart attack and dropping dead. Panic more than paranoia. Or is it paranoia that brings on the panic? i.e. does my fear of dying actually cause the physical symptoms? (shortness of breath, lightheadedness, chest pains, etc.) Who knows.

Bryan Basamanowicz

Hey Lorrie, the "heart racing" effect is a natural physiological (and neurological) reaction to cannabis. THC smooths out the interior wall of the arteries and allows for more blood flow (this is why the eyes redden). The heart naturally compensates by beating faster, not extremely fast, but maybe about 10 or so more beats per minute. The reason people get nervous (paranoid) about it is because the part of the brain called the Basolateral Amygdala, which builds fear associations, is also affected by THC and people can be become very sensitive to changes in their body and may perceive them as threatening. But no, you're not going to die and your heart is not in reality beating at any abnormal rate. Hope this helps.


Woah, that was a close one, Bryan! I read the title of the post and thought you copied and pasted my Twitter account! Nice post, brutha! Write on! B)

Bryan Basamanowicz

lol! No, But if you've got some good paranoid tweets, though, be sure to send them my way, mention me, or hashtag #weed #paranoia I usually search those tags on twitter a couple times a week.


We do have an information overload, and we are in the possible end times if enough if you don't wake the fuck up to the signs of your planetary destruction.

That's not paranoia, you do not know who I have interacted with.

Pay attention.

The solution?

"Why use up forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?"
-Henry Ford.

Because you take out so many minerals and so many trees, your water is drying up and the Earth is becoming weak. How do you feel if your blood was let out? How would you feel if you had your arm chopped off?

If you do not wake up to the signs this world will be destroyed as past humanities have.

It's a race between hemp and herb being liberated around the world and the environment dying because the Brotherhood of Death has lost their planetary control over our minds and hands, so if they can't win, apparently nobody can thus why they are forcing us to dig our own graves by mass exploitation of the planet for money = SLAVERY.

Hemp & herb, can, and will, save this boat. It's our human counterpart in the plant kingdom it's a key to our evolution that is why it is being locked up as well as humans to chain us down.

Bryan Basamanowicz

Reminds me of the Joe Rogan quotation: "That paranoia you feel on weed is reality. You should be paranoid motherfucker!"

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