The Disturbing Tweets of a Paranoid Stoner

Though some people we know do get inexplicably paranoid from pot, not many of them share the inner-demons of their psychosis with the rest of the world.

@MPMC_Services is a twitter account dedicated to the paranoid marijuana experience or what some call “The Fear.” What do you think, Greenies? Are these just nonsensical ramblings, or a legitimate look into the mental disturbances that marijuana provokes in certain individuals. Whatever it is, it’s well beyond your basic paranoia about the cops busting you or your parents discovering your stash.

Well, what’s the verdict? Does this person need to be committed? Should he/she lay off the pot. Or… should he/she perhaps  smoke more?

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Author: BryanBZ

Bryan Basamanowicz makes his living in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a Marijuana Paranoia Management Coach. He wrote a book on his practice-- you can check it out at ParanoidHuman.Com Follow Marijuana Paranoia Management Coaching on twitter facebook

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