The Dutch Resistance Lives!

Imposition of the “weed pass” system is underway in the Netherlands, starting is the southern areas bordering Belgium and Germany.  I am pleased to say that the spirit that resisted the Nazis is still alive in the hearts of the Dutch people.   Most attention Tuesday was on the city of Maastricht, which borders both Belgium and Germany and which has suffered the effects of a constant flow of traffic from non-Dutch Europeans driving to the city just to purchase as much cannabis as possible and drive back home.

Most shops in Maastricht plan to refuse to use the pass and kept their doors shut Tuesday. There was one exception: the “Easy Going” shop of Marc Josemans, chairman of the coffee shop owners’ association, which remained open just long enough to provoke two legal conflicts he hopes may ultimately derail the policy.

First Josemans turned away a group of foreigners who oppose the rule, and who went to the police to file a discrimination complaint. Then he started selling weed to anybody willing to buy, without checking for passes. “The police paid me a visit about a half an hour later and warned me I was violating the new rules, and if I do it again, I’ll be closed down for a month.”

Josemans said he planned to continue selling to all comers, and he fully expects to see his shop closed. His response to that would be to take his case to the European Court of Justice. “Discrimination is never the right answer,” he said. Early reports from other affected cities — Tilburg, Roermond and Eindhoven, among others — were that most shops were either remaining closed, or ignoring the pass. “They’ll wait it out until this whole pass plan goes away,” Josemans said. Most Dutch weed smokers aren’t getting the passes, assuming the law won’t be enforced, along with worrying about the information they must divulge to obtain the pass.

We will follow the story Greenies. There’s lots more here.

[image: Google images Netherlands flag]

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