The Emerald Cup: Pt. 2

Having this year’s Emerald Cup be my first cannabis cup experience was one of the most bizarre, exhausting, exciting and memorable experiences of my life. The Cup not only widened my gaze of the cannabis culture, but taught me about its past struggle for survival and showed me how the culture is growing today, with its possibilities for the future.

The Emerald Cup is truly a sight to behold and the Sonoma County Fairgrounds painted the perfect backdrop for this monumental event. There were several structures set aside for doctor recommendations and speakers that gave advice on everything from medicating with cannabis to growing the plant itself. A range of delicious food stands from all over the world dotted the entryway into the fairgrounds, including multiple organic Mediterranean stands that smelled of roasted meats and herbs, Sicilian-style brick oven pizza (that was fantastic by the way), as well as several farm-to-table stands. Then, of course, there was the famous and “215 area”…and that was when the herbs began to take main stage.













Now, I should say that this was a marijuana convention of sorts, and the grounds were packed with cannabis lovers partaking in their much adored sport, but the 215 area was another entity entirely. Once you got your paperwork checked and your wristbands clearly visible, you were on your way to a smokey wonderland. One side of the 215 area was taken over by a plethora of booths lined side by side, which offered individual types of ware like grams of waxes and rosin, edible confections such as protein bars and macaroons, as well as several strains of seeds and clones. If you signed up for their collective, some would offer you samples of said wares, and let me say that the dabs were dabbing hard that weekend. The smell and sight of bluish-tinged smoke filled the air and led a path to the tented area that rounded out the 215 area. The tent was dominated by even more smoke and more people bustling around trying to see, touch, taste and inhale all they could. 

The music hall rounded out my fantastic time at the 2015 Emerald Cup. Thanks to the Media Pass that was provided by my colleagues at Hail Mary Jane, my assistant and I got back stage access for Fortunate Youth. They rocked the house that night and brought my first cannabis cup experience to an excellent close.


The Emerald Cup is definitely a place for all to come together in celebration of cannabis and its fellow enthusiasts. My hopes are that there will be many more of these events in my future, and that these events lay the foundation of my writing and cannabis career; only time will tell.

One thing is for certain though, the Emerald Cup that I cut my teeth on has set a very high standard for future Cups and conventions to come. There’s only one way to find out — stay dank and frosty, stoners and stonettes. There’s more to come soon.

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Author: JONG

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