The First Herb Hotel

When the Jazz Era was at its apex, I always envision people drinking gimlets and talking like Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade.  I conjure up images of lavish Gatsby parties and flappers that put out before marriage.  The Hotel Normandie, on the corner of Normandie Avenue and 6th st in Los Angeles’ Koreatown, was built straight outta the halcyon days before the [1st] Great Depression and after the first World War.  It’s also going to be the first reefer hotel.

The LA Times reports

Tuesday night, the hotel will host another grand opening, for a very different, experienced and exacting clientele: pot smokers.

The aging Koreatown edifice has been rechristened Dennis Peron’s Normandie Hotel, and the late-night event was timed for April 20, the annual day of celebration for cannabis worshippers [sic] worldwide.

Peron, a hero to the marijuana movement, started the first dispensary in San Francisco and led the state’s medical marijuana initiative. Now, he and a team of weed-loving friends hope to turn the 106-room Normandie into America’s first pot-friendly hotel.

I think we can all thank Dennis and his vision, and the continued liberalization by our fair nations largest western state.  I know that when I go to Cali, I’ll certainly be visiting.  If only so I can quote Dashiell Hammett, order a gray goose gimlet, then toke up.

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4/20.  Back to the normal grind.  For our LA readers, check out the hotel and let us know how it’s doing or what you think.

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