The First Prohibition Didn’t Go So Well Either

I really hope this father, reads my post.  He might actually learn something.  Cannabis Culture brings shocking news to the readers of HMJ.  We’ve got a crack team of analytical types (read: my fellow geeks) researching just how much ganja is being smoked by our nations youth, but that darn Partnership for a Drug Free America beat us to it.  Read on for some video, some insights, and for our younger readers, some ammunition the next time your bummer of a mother finds that crappy bong in your closet.


A report released today by the Partnership for a Drug Free America shows that the number of American teenagers who use marijuana has increased for the first time in 10 years, with 25 percent of teens in grades 9 through 12 saying they’ve used marijuana in the past month, up from 19 percent.

Cannabis Culture goes on to make the case for taxing and regulating marijuana usage.   Couldn’t agree with them more.  Now, most people start smoking that delicious green stuff early on in their adolescence, and I was no different.  I started at the ripe age of 13.  I am not condoning any 13 year-old mischief like getting high, merely providing my own context to this “problem.”

Do I think people should wait until 18 to get high?  Probably.  No idea what the effects were, since I don’t have a bizarro-me to look at, who refrained from blazing until his 18th birthday rolled around.  It probably does something to your development; especially if you’re using before you’re fully grown, but I’m only making an educated guess.

But, what I do know is the War on Drugs isn’t working, which we can all agree on.  Just look at the quote up above, where those statistics were found by PDFA.  Hopefully, no one is surprised by the increase in marijuana consumption by adolescents; although, I know some idiot parents are shocked.  It’s the same parents that are appalled when they discover their “whittle baby” has been putting it in his girlfriends butt.  Those parents can’t avoid the stats though, so we know the war on drugs, at least marijuana consumption is a losing battle.  Drinking is too I guess, but it was always harder for me to get at that age.

But still things don’t change.

Whatever your stance on some other schedule 1 drugs, or even some of the schedule 2 drugs I indulge in from time to time, it’s marijuana that is completely blown out of proportion.

It was harder for me to get alcohol then it was for me to score some tasty BC nugget when I was 14, so I got some nugget (actually I started out just getting crappy schwag before realizing there was better stuff out there and I was getting ripped off).  What would have happened if it had been legal to purchase cannabis?  I probably would have gone up to Toronto and gotten a fake ID that said I was 21, like I did when I was 16.  Regardless of my precocious attitude towards drugs, or drug laws in general, it still would have been harder.  Which I think all rational parents can agree is a good thing.  Hell, I love to get high, and I think it’s a good thing.

But there is more to this issue than just that.

The reason we’re not seeing more pictures like the one on the headline (from the Chicago  bootlegging violence), is because marijuana is a communal drug that generally doesn’t inspire a lot of shooting and killing.  It’s more a “chillax dude” than a “kill that motherf__ker.”  Making alcohol illegal led to Al Capone and Lucky Luciano making more money and power, which also led to great movies, monotonous MTV Crib segments, unoriginal rap lyrics, but more importantly A LOT OF VIOLENCE.  What violence there is in the marijuana trade could easily be avoided with a legal sanctioning of the drug.

Consider this.

Do you know what else is a schedule 1 drug?  Heroin.  F__kin’ heroin.  I’ve taken some drugs with some bad people in my day, but none of them will even go near that shit.  It’s insane!  Any time drug users say things like “It’s the most hardcore drug there is,” you best stay away.  So heroin is pretty bad, and you don’t need to talk with a heroin addict to know that.  But, according to our DEA, heroin and marijuana are considered the same?!  Cocaine isn’t even schedule 1?!

Cocaine is serious business. It killed Len Bias, it killed a lot of people, and will continue too.  Heroin is even worse, as I mentioned.  Marijuana has never killed anyone, as was pointed out to our FBI director.  What the hell is going on then?

Stop the insanity government.  Sell dat ish, tax dat ish, and make it harder for little 13 year old’s to get it.

I’m just sayin.’  Enough political claptrap.  Here’s a hot bikini.

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