The Future Of Medical Marijuana

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Well, not really. It’s just a clever photoshopped picture from the always entertaining, but I felt I must share this awesomeness with all of you. This would be the perfect for the on-the-move stoner. Need to do the dishes in 5 minutes before your girlfriend comes home, but you’d rather get baked? Problem solved. Strap this bad boy on and give a whole new meaning to the word multi-tasking.

I can also imagine an 80-year old woman walking down the street with one of these things hooked up to her. If those pesky bone tumors are causing some pain, then the little old lady needs to simply put on the mask and she’s all good. In a perfect world I imagine. I wouldn’t mind one having one for myself either. I’m fighting the flu right now, and I know “EZ-Blunts: Pre-Smoked Weed” would make me feel better. Not better from the flu, just better in general.

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Author: Kyler Durden

Independent Filmmaker. I Write, Direct, Act, Edit, and Produce. Like writing in my spare time. And, I'm the biggest movie nerd you'll meet.

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