The High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver Was Amazing, Seattle Cannabis Cup in 2012 A High Possibility

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The Drama Before The Cup

What a weekend! I hope all the greenies out there had amazing 4/20 weekends like me. I spent the weekend in Denver, Colorado for the medical cannabis cup. I arrived on Thursday night (4/19) and met up with a friend who I planned on staying with for the weekend. I planned on having his support for the weekend and it was going to be crucial because he was providing me with a place to reside for the weekend as well as transportation. I do not have a drivers license so all of his help was necessary. Things got extremely rocky after that first night, however.

After celebrating 4/20 at 12 am we decided to visit some other friends of his in Denver who were in a rock band and are heavy stoners. Here is a shot from the bong rip that was so serious I couldn’t finish it with one pull to bring in 4/20.

IMG 2510
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On the way there we were pulled over by police and he had a warrant for his arrest (for nothing related to things from this weekend) and he was arrested. They also took the Colorado bud I bought that night. Bummer!!

I linked up with the rockers and they allowed me to stay with them for the weekend instead. Clutch. I also found out that they shoot professional videos so I negotiated a deal where they would shoot HD video of the event for me. This was a blessing in disguise that I only got because my friend got arrested.

They even smoked me up on 4/20 morning which eased my worries some.

IMG 2553
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The actual day of 4/20 for me was spent at Colorado University protesting with students while approximately 20,000 others gathered in downtown Denver to smoke up there. Good times were had by all on that day but the real highlights did not come for me until the cup that weekend.

Day One

Day one of the spent attending seminars, networking with businesses and interacting fans and handing out all the HMJ stickers I could possibly hand out. I also attended some really good seminars like the horticulture seminar (with Danny Danko and others), the “to dab or not to dab” seminar (with Bobby Black and others) and the seminar on the Denver Ballot initiative for full legalization. Here is the official High Times video of the first day.

Day Two

I set up with the camera crew and took to interviewing vendors and weed industry people as soon as we got in. We hit up nearly all the vendors booths seeing some AMAZING products and then also scored interviews with Radical Russ of NORML, leaders of SSDP, the organization responsible for the ballot initiative for marijuana legalization in Colorado and many others.

During our interview with Bobby Black and Danny Danko they announced (exclusively) with us that there is about a 90% chance the cannabis cup in Detroit this year will be moved to Seattle. Our video of this interview will be out soon. This will dramatically change the scope of that cup. Seattle has one of the biggest marijuana communities in the country.

The awards ceremony took place on the second day and among others a new Miss High Times was crowned and NORML founder Keith Stroup received the HIGH TIMES Lifetime Achievement Award. Here is the full list of winners during the cup along with official video from High Times.


1 – SFV OG, Pink House Blooms

2 – Kurple Fantasy, 420 Wellness Alameda

3 – Cataract Kush, River Rock North


1 – Stardawg Guava, The Clinic on Holly

2 – Red Headed Stranger, Natural Remedies

3 – Jack Herer, Medicine Man Denver


1 – Skunkberry, Green Man Cannabis (THC)

2 – Jack Flash, Fresh Baked, Boulder

3 – Rascal OG, The Clinic on Holly


Tie – Pink House Blooms for Super Silver Haze

The Clinic on Holly for Kosher Kush


1 – CBD Oil, River Rock South

2 – R4, The Greenwerkz

3 – Tora Bora, Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers


1 – Mint Chocolate Bar, Dabba Chocolate

2 – Chocolate Truffles, Dixie Elixirs

3 – Bubble Brownie, Standing Akimbo MMC


1 – 707 Headband Shatter, Top Shelf Extracts

2 – Strawberry Cough Nectar, The Clinic Highlands

3 – Blueberry Extract, River Rock North


Lemon OG Solventless Wax, Pink House Verde


1 – Incredibowl

2 – Pink House Blooms

3 – Platte Valley



1 – Mama P’s Wholesale Grinding Company by MATE

2 – Hitman Glass Chess Pieces Book

3 – The Essential Bags by the Trim Shop


1 – Mad Hatter, Marble Madness

2 – Hitman Glass, Glass Torch Tube

3 – Dopeass Glass


Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the reception from the Denver crowd to the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup and weed in general.  The whole atmosphere was laid back and the weather was beautiful.  Before getting into the marijuana industry I never saw myself going to Denver in life but I had a magnificent time and I know it will not be my last 4/20 in Denver or trip there.  During the awards presentation, Keith Stroup announced that Colorado had surpassed California as the marijuana center point in America.  After seeing the culture there I can definitely believe it too.  This surpassed my first HMJ 4/20 with high times by far.

I took a few pics of my own that can be viewed below but the full video from the show will be available soon.

[nggallery id=62]

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