The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Took Over Los Angeles Last Weekend!

High Times magazine announced the dates for the Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles shortly after their successful 25th Annual Cannabis Cup Amsterdam last November.  The HMJ team assembled in Los Angeles and we began making preparations to cover this HIGHly anticipated event.  As the event drew closer and closer, the buzz and excitement about it grew like some tall weed plants.

A couple of weeks before the Cup was scheduled to go down, I got word from my friends at HIGH TIMES mag that I was selected to be a judge for one of the categories of the cannabis cup.   I was invited to the house in the Hollywood Hills that the staff was staying in for the week to pick up my samples where I got to see this amazing view, catch up with the High Times staff, and see Redman for the first time since we interviewed him.

Less than a week before the Cup dates of February 16-17th, there was a lot of uncertainty about whether or not it would actually happen.  Due to police interference the venue had to be changed twice just days before it started.  There was a ton of concern about the possibility of the event being canceled when word got out that the venue was moved to the NOS center in San Bernardino, but I made my thoughts clear on anyone who canceled their ticket because they didn’t want to go to San Bernardino:

There have been rumors surrounding that Cannabis Cups that the judging process was rigged but after experiencing being a judge I can let you know that those rumors are absolutely not true.  I had the opportunity to judge hybrids.  The fellow judges in my category and I got into a semi-heated debate about who should be selected as the winner of the category.  We eventually got came to a conclusion we were all happy with but I do not ever want to hear anyone accuse High Times of playing favorites in their competitions again.  I will be writing up a separate post specifically about that experience.

The space was divided into two different areas. One space was a medicated area and the other one was not.  The nonmedicated area had tons of great booths to capture people’s attention but most of the travelers went to the cup to go to the medicated area.  This area was where anyone with a valid MMJ recommendation could enjoy bowls, dabs, joints, and BTs to their heart’s content.  Many of which were free and given to whoever came to the booth.

Other highlights of the event included amazing expert seminars, indelible performances from Redman and the Game, and a speech from Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Tommy Chong, talking about how cannabis will change the world as medicine (“It doesn’t kill cancer cells, it just gets them so stoned that they forgot what they were doing, until they fuck off.”) and gun control (“Just get those fuckers high, man. They’ll forget who they wanted to shoot.”)

The most important part of the competition was the weed and the event wrapped up with a very entertaining award ceremony to honor the winners of the 2013 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.  The winners are listed below including the hybrid category we got test.  (View all of them in pictures here)


1 –  Cali Connection
2 – TGA Seeds
3 –  Alpha Medic

1 –  VapeXhale
2 – Pulse Glass
3 – Cloud Vape

1 – Pure Glass
2 – TIE
Bumblebee Torchtube by Banjo for Hitman Glass
Pulse Glass

1 – Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar by River City Phoenix/ Kiva Confections
2 – Sweet Stone Gummy Bears by Magnolia Wellness
3 – Strawberry Lemonade by Buds and Roses/The Venice Cookie Company

CBD AWARD (For highest level of CBD)
GDP Sandman by Grandaddypurp Collective

1 – Honey B OG Nectar by Green Coast Deliveries
2 – The Wheezy by IECC
3 – Tan-G Shatter by Fresh Off the Bud Extractions

1 – Lemon OG Solvent-less Wax BAMF Extractions by Buds and Roses
2 – Tangerine OG Solvent-less Wax by Greenest Green LA/Essential Extracts
3 – Dairy Queen Solvent-Free Wax by “The Real” Medical Collective.

1 – Girl Scout Cookies by Life Is Good
2 – Veganic Tahoe OG by Buds and Roses
3 – Banana OG  by Cool Calm Collective

1 – Godfather OG by Alpha Medic
2 – OG Eddy Lepp by 3rd Gen Family
3 – Grimace OG by Archive Seedbank

1 – Tanj by Reserva Privada
2 – Veganic Ghost Train Haze #1 by Buds and Roses
3 – Red Congolese by Magnolia Wellness

Thanks so much to the staff at High Times, the participants of the festival and anyone who took the time to read this wrap up post.  The next Cannabis Cup will go down in Denver on 4/20-4/21.  Looking forward to that.  Until then, enjoy the pics below and roll something up!

PS – I met Tommy Chong:

Update: We did a wrap up video. You can view it below:

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Author: Lenny

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