The KashIt Cool™ – The Coolest Way to Smoke

I recently had the pleasure of getting to try out the KashIt Cool™. The KashIt Cool™ (patent pending) is the first water pipe cooling attachment of this kind. What gives it bonus points is its built-in antimicrobial properties to protect the user, device and pipe itself.

It fits in most sized tubes, including the four different sized ones I placed it in. It is also very user friendly in every aspect from usage to maintenance. No more having to refill your tube with ice to get that cool smoke, The KashIt Cool™ has you covered!



The KashIt Cool™ has the right idea with this accessory, how to cool your smoke without the hassle that comes with ice. Once you throw the KashIt Cool™ in the freezer, it takes about 30 minutes to cool down properly. The cooling agent, which is what gives it the orange color, surrounds a tempered glass coil where the cooled smoke will travel through. After it is nice and cold, you can stick it in the top of any tube with a width between 1.25″ and 2″ and seal it tight due to the silicone sleeve the KashIt Cool™ is covered in. The narrow end is placed in first, as the wider end is used for a mouthpiece. This is where the built-in antimicrobial agent lies. The concave section is shaped for comfort while it is comprised of component that aids in preventing stains and odors caused by mold and mildew. Once you pull the smoke through the tube using the KashIt Cool™, you feel the difference that it makes.


With the KashIt Cool™, I used it in a few different tubes to feel how it affected tubes of different shapes and sizes. The one thing that it did in every tube is cooled the smoke a significant amount. However, it also caused some restriction on each of the pieces due to the small tempered glass coil inside. It restricted some more than others, due to the size and shaping, but caused a noticeable pull difference on each tube. Also, as easy as it was to cool it down, with heavy use, it warmed back up in about an hour. I feel this is a nice length of time, depending on the amount of people participating at the current time.

My only other problem with the KashIt Cool™ would be the cleaning of it. It involves a simple cleaning process, with warm water and soap or alcohol, but it needs to be cleaned fairly often with heavy use. Again, it seems to be due to the small coil inside the cooling agent. Overall, the KashIt Cool™ accomplishes the task of cooling your smoke without the need for ice, and I would recommend this to regular tube users.


Be sure to check back regularly for more product reviews by HMJ. If you have any questions about any products I have reviewed, please feel free to comment and I will help as best I can!

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Author: Jason

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