The Moonlight Orchestra “Traipsing Bloom” Album Review

The Moonlight Orchestra – Traipsing bloom, a drifting, meandering journey of sonic and aural fusion. Intertwining experimentalism, soundscapes, psychedelia, folk, blues, and electronica. Featuring guest poets: Daevid Allen, John Sinclair, Lee Harris, Youth and Ben River, who also founded The Moonlight Orchestra and co-composed and produced the album.

       The Moonlight Orchestra orbits around a multifaceted array of musical influences that spring from a blues inferno within a psychedelic cascade and on to the chaotic senses of classical music experimentalism and a bit of frenzy. Their music doesn’t fit a mold or heed itself to any convention but of their own that reflects a homage to their colorful musical backgrounds./p>

       The album also features special guest musicians; Founding member of the legendary band Hawkwind, Nik Turner, who plays saxophone on three of the album’s songs, guitarist Paul Bangash, vocal looping artist Georgina Brett, keyboardist Darren Moss, Cellist Jon Clayton, Bassist Lee James, Guitarist George Hall, Violinist Giorgia Macellari and Drummer Antek Prysbola. The Moonlight Orchestra – Traipsing Bloom is being released by West London based independent record label New Antique Records.

       The track’s that stood out in Traipsing Bloom are no. 5 “Traipsing” and no. 6 “North Star” by Ben River.  The instrumental fusion of beats and sounds created a musical heaven in my brain.  I liked this track from beginning to end.  In “North Star” by Ben River, I especially like the beat and the vocals are on point.  Listening to this album at night under the moonlight only enhanced my experience of liking these tracks.  However, the other tracks seemed a little too slow.  For example, in track 8 & 9 these songs reminded me of a book narrator.  I understand what the message is about and the positivity of it all but, it was just over excessive for me.  Over all, I liked the message and the awareness of the album and band, but the vocals and beats were just too slow for me.

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Author: HMJ Staff

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