The Netherlands Awarded Coveted “Most Likely To Drive High” Award

The results are in! In a landslide victory, the Netherlands crushed the competition and took home the award for “country in europe most likely to drive high”. 25% percent more Dutch cannabis users are crusing the autobahn, more than any other European country.

What I would really like to know is, which state in the U.S.A would take this title??? I think that as a country, we invented the burn cruise. Smoking weed and cruising through awesome scenery is as American as homemade apple pie. What state has the best cruising routes? Cali? Texas? I know we got some great ones out here in New England. This would be a tough call. We need to make this judgement happen. This is something that needs to be decided amongst the public ASAP!! -Cannabis users in the Netherlands are more likely than those in other European countries to drive after smoking the drug, the Telegraaf reports on Tuesday.

The paper bases its claims on new research from the road safety research institute SWOV. The research shows that 25% more cannabis users in the Netherlands drive than in other EU countries.

In addition, Dutch amphetamine users are twice as likely to drive than in other countries. But Dutch motorists are less likely to drink and drive than their European counterparts.

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