The new edible: cannabis-infused salmon

Here’s what happens when culinary creativity meets cannabis.


The salmon itself looks like typical lox. On a warm bagel, with a smear of cream cheese, the fish is delicate, pleasantly fatty, and only mildly herbaceous, though there’s plenty of dill. Less pronounced, but definitely apparent, is the cannabis flavor. That’s because, while this cured salmon looks and tastes like the kind of thing you’d pick up from Acme or Russ & Daughters, it’s actually been cured in a mixture of salt, sugar, dill, lemon and a cannabis tincture. In other words, this THC-infused salmon is what happens when edibles meet appetizing.

“You want to taste the cannabis very mildly,” said Josh Pollack, who helped engineer this weed-infused salmon. To achieve the effect, the salmon is cured for about 72 hours; the finished product isn’t tinted green, but it will definitely get you high. It smells strongly of pot, too — enough that you won’t mistake it for regular lox. But Pollack is right: It doesn’t have a piney or skunky flavor (unlike, say, marijuana-infused baked goods, which can taste so strongly of weed). 

“Weed is no longer valuable because everyone grows it,” said Pollack. “But you can roll up with a bunch of weed fish and bagels and people are freaking out.”

Edibles have of course exploded in Colorado since weed was legalized in 2012, but this salmon is definitely something very different from the baked goods and candies that are most common.

Coincidentally, Pollack had originally hoped to roll the product out in time for the High Holidays, so stoner Jews could use it as a sacrament, but the state has enacted new laws that require goods to be wrapped or packaged in “servings” that constitute 10 milligrams or less of activated THC. For Pollack, getting a consistent dosage has been tricky and what’s prevented a public debut. As of now, he cures whole sides of fish, but because salmon’s fat and muscle content varies across the body and fat absorbs the THC, different sections of the fish soak up more of the tincture than others, making the potency irregular, which isn’t favorable. If you’re going to get people high with a commercial product, you need to know exactly how high you’re going to get them.


Interesting article and a must read if you call yourself a foodie. Find it HERE.


[Image via: Grub Street]

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