The New Face of Cannabis

No less an authority than Harry J. Anslinger once said, “If the monster Frankenstein came face-to-face with the dreadful monster marijuana, the Frankenstein monster would faint dead away with fright.”  [Do I need to make a comment here? – DB]  With re-legalization comes a chance for cannabis to be seen in a new light.  That light should reflect the truth about the plant.  Chasing that thought, here is an excerpt from a short piece by cannabis writer Amanda Reiman.  I hope you will follow the link and read this entire writing — it’s important.


Much of the hoopla around the emerging cannabis industry is focused on tax revenue, with states and cities counting the cash (and without banking access, it’s literally cash) that comes with the legal retail sale of cannabis. However, beyond just tax dollars, this industry has value, and it lies in opportunity, empowerment, and self-determination.
. . .
Enter the legal cannabis industry. Some estimate that the newly regulated industry will have provided 200,000 new jobs by 2015. These jobs include everything from construction on new facilities to retail, agriculture, laboratory testing, manufacturing positions, media work, and all of the people it takes to makes these businesses happen. And, unlike what is happening in the general work force, young people are getting these jobs, because they like the risk and they know the product.
. . . 

I call on the newly emerging legal cannabis industry to be mindful of the backs on which you stand, and to conduct employment searches that first dip into the pool of applicants who have a wealth of cannabis retail, manufacturing and cultivation experience and the criminal record to prove it.
. . .
I am conducting a year-long qualitative study to answer the question: How do we create partnerships between cannabis businesses and community based non -profits that benefit those most impacted by the war on drugs? I believe that if we create a road map of philanthropy for this industry, the positive impact on society will truly be greater than the sum of the parts.

You should READ THIS ONE.

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