The Paid Dues Contest List


We have been running a contest for Paid Dues festival for the past couple of week. I have received your entries this far and I was so impressed by what you guys wrote and the photo collages you made that I decided to list you all to our other fans. These are in no particular order and I want to thank all of you for entering the contest!

1. Artist: Swollen Members
Entry by Chase Gschweng

“I LOVE this group. I’ve been listening to their music for 8 years now, and it’s appealing to me because of the raw hip hop element they provide, along with their rugged, yet super-scientific flow. Always an interesting combo when paired with some quality herb!”


2. Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Entry by Tanya Sanchez

“Kendrick Lamar is someone who has recently blown up in the music industry but has been in the game for a very long time and deserves the fame he’s received. I love this man because for the longest people have been talking down on hip-hop and how it no longer exists but this guy right here makes everyone shut their mouths and listen. He spits the truth, he has an insane story to tell and he has the talent hip-hop has been waiting for for a long time. His lyrical ability is why I choose to smoke to this guy the most, why wouldn’t you. His words speak to you, the way he spits is intriguing to the ear, it’s so unique & not to mention his clever clever lyrics not just typical simple minded metaphors like most rappers now a days. His voice is soothing and makes you want to keep listening, you want him to keep spitting, you want to hear what is going to come next. Its like he keeps the suspense in his music because its so good you just want more and he knows exactly how to do that, he also occasionally gives you the catchy hook that everyone enjoys. When I’m high I just want to be in his mind I want to know every detail going through his mind through every clever lyric.”


3. Artist: Eligh
Entry by James Trejo

My Favorite Paid Dues Artist To Smoke To Is Eligh. His Songs Are Super Relaxing Easy To Smoke And Think To. I’ve Gotten A lot Of Inspiration For My Producing From Smoking and Listening to Eligh. Even If I’m Not Smoking Eligh’s Work Is Top Notch.

4. Artist: Dom Kennedy
Entry by NA
His raps are so mellow & chill, raps a good enough about smoking, & always paints a picture in my head, that I can relate too! Plus, he’s from the west coast, what more can you ask for?

5. Artist: First Dirt
Entry by Stevied704k

I want to see First Dirt at Paid Dues cause their Real street music and still up and coming and I like smoking to First Dirt especially 60EAST cause you can feel the passion and pain in their music an I can relate to that, I hope I win so I can also see Macklemore and The rest of the paid dues line up.

6. Artist: Cypress Hill
Entry by Bill Cioci

As a Dj, I love all types of music, but only a few acts come to mind when I’m in the mood to just listen to some tunes while smoking. Most people might pick Cypress Hill for the more obvious reasons. Me, I pick Cypress Hill because I moved to California from Pennsylvania for medical cannabis reasons. Within my first 3 years of being a legal medical cannabis patient, I was able to smoke medicine that I grew, with Cypress Hill at a Smoke Out in San Bernardino. I even got them to autograph my doctors recommendation! I really hope that I win this contest!

7. Artist: Murs
Entry by RB2

I like murs because without him none of this would happen I love his music it’s so mellow and smoking to it relaxes me I can listen to him all day he helped all the independent artist out here a chance to preform all together he’s brilliant last years event was a life time experience and I never thought I would get to shake his hand but I don’t have enough money to go to his concert this year I am hoping I am a lucky winner!

8. Artist: Macklemore & Ryan
Entry by Bella Thompson

I know you said to take a photo of the artist of who we like but i have never seen him live so i got these off the internet. When i first saw the line up for paid dues it took my breath away, when i saw that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were going to perform my heart stopped. I recently became a fan. What drew me to them was the music they produced. This team that they have is working, the music they create is a story with a rhythm. The smoking environment their music sets is a good one. The flow of his voice to the beat of the music in the back all fits together. When the room or car or where ever i am beings to fill with smoke, their musics takes me away. I can listen to them no matter what mood i am in. What drew me to them was that he told a story,not one that was make believe but something that was close to him something that when you hear the lyrics and he sings you can feel the strength or pain inside . You go on the journey with him and not only that but the music they create is not overwhelming. Meaning that when you listen to it you feel relaxed or pumped but still have room to think your own thoughts or be able to dance and let go.

9. Artist: Murs
Entry by Lorena Aguilar

MaryJane plus some Murs Cd’s is a perfect combination for lil’ ol’ me. I love how he never hesitates to spit some real shit. To his tunes I keep the bowl lit. His lyrics flow through my veins & run through my body. Songs like “Dirty Girl” make me feel a lil’ naughty. The music is dope & he’s a sweet rapper. His songs are true & that’s what I’m after!

10. Artist: Grieves n’ Budo from Rhymesayers
Entry by Ray Villalobos

I enjoy smoking to their music is because it just sets a real comfort zone know? Grieves’s lyrics and Budo’s nice beats are so theraputic.Also..I really enjoy that live instrumentation..i think is the word may-be? ,but yeah..Just like Grieves’s lyrics..i get that feeling that everyone feels with underground hip-hop ..where it feels like the artist wrote the whole damn album about you…you know? with songs like bloody poetry,and pressure cracks and unedible etc. It’s just a really calm feel whenever I listen to budo’s beat also. They’re from Seattle! and I look most foward in seeing them at paid dues if I win. The line-up is fucking great.

11. Artist: Hospin
Entry by Jesse Dorado

It’s been forever since I have heard an artists grab my attention like Hopsin did. His lyrics are so true and thought provoking. Truly original. When smoking I love to think or just completely vibe out to music. Hopsin is truly capable of doing both. I can vibe out to the beats and his vocal patterns. At the same time his lyrics open my mind.

12. Artist: The Grouch & Eligh
Entry by Carlos Morales

I love The Grouch & Eligh….and I love weed even more!! They go together very well. Burn one while listening to their futuristic beats and mellow rhymes is all I need.

13. Artist: Juicy J
Entry by Vanessa Truelove

What’s not to like about Juicy J? Been getting high and trippy to him since Three Six Mafia. His music is some of my favorite to vibe to because he really gets me turnt to the max (no sleep). He’s a real legend in my eyes and I’m really trying to see him live at Paid Dues!

14. Artist: Murs
Entry by Forrest Brown

I don’t know if I followed the directions right but I’m in class right now and this is my excuse of a drawing of Murs. I like listening to Murs because of his wide variety of songs. He has some funny songs, sad songs and everything in between. I enjoy that he has a variety because i can listen to him and relate to a song with whatever mood I’m in. I like listening to music, but mostly Murs when I’m high because I feel that when I’m stoned I get in a “zone” and somewhat of a trance and I listen and to every word. It’s somewhat like I analyze each and every word and put it together like a puzzle. Since I like listening to Murs because I can relate to most of his songs, focusing on the deeper meaning of the song is really enjoyable.

15. Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Entry by Jack O’Shea

Kendrick Lamar doesn’t smoke weed but he puts out music that pot smokers across the globe can relate to. When I listen to his music, especially after smoking, I really get into his lyrics and listen to what he’s saying. The way he spits is just so unique and every song tells a different story about his life. He is probably the most respectable artist at paid dues because he makes the music that you listen to after smoking a freshly rolled blunt with the homies, even though he doesn’t smoke.

16. Artist: Flatbush Zombies
Entry by Jason Chun

I love the Flatbush Zombies because they are some crazy ass dudes. They are bringing back psychedelics which is awesome as well! I love smoking to their music because they have some really chill beats and Meech has some of the craziest flows!

17. Artist: All of them
Entry by Angel Ruiz

Music is great but listening to my favorite artist while puffing a phat doobie is even better but if I was to win it would be 10 times better getting to see all these artist live of course with a few blunts alongside.

Again, I want to thank everyone who has entered so far! You guys have some really great entires and its going to be very hard picking one but someone has to win the tickets and the stoner survival kit from! The winner is picked on Monday March 25th!

– All applicants must be over the age of 18 and provide their own transportation to the event. Hail Mary Jane is not responsible for transportation and you must provide some form of ID if chosen as the winner. –

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  • Elmo GreenMeds

    when do we find out the winners?

    • Green

      We emailed the winner yesterday. We will announce it this week.

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