The Perks of Being a Colorado Resident

420When Colorado passed Amendment 64, I'm sure a lot of you assumed that it would become the Amsterdam of America, but there are some benefits to being more than just an out-of-stater on vacation.

Now, even though there is no residency requirement to take advantage of Amendment 64, there are some limitations that may hinder your vacation plans.


Just as most people don't go grocery shopping every day or two, most people won't want to have to pop into a dispensary every day or two, during their week-long vacation.  But if you're not a resident of Colorado, you will be limited to purchasing a quarter-ounce at a time.

And if you're not a heavy smoker, then that might not be an issue for you, but the perk of being a Colorado resident is that you're able to buy up to an ounce at a time, to help you through your week-long Rocky Mountain high.

I mean, some people may not even be able to smoke that much in a week.  Heck, some people may not even feel comfortable, or have permission for, smoking in the comfort of their rented room.


But no one on vacation is going to be able to take any of their unsmoked cannabis home with them, whether by plane, train or automobile.  And before you even think about it, the DEA is aware and watching for brave souls like you.

So, finish your ganja goodies before your vacation is over, or extend your vacation like I did and take up residency in Colorado.

Sure, I've only been living in Colorado for a couple of weeks but I already went through the process of becoming a true resident, by swapping over to a Colorado driver's license.  And all it took was a trip to the DMV, a surrendered Pennsylvania driver's license, a Social Security number, a credit card statement (for proof of residency), a right, index fingerprint (sucks, I know), a signature, an awkward photo, a second trip to the DMV to fix a typo, and little bit of waiting by the mailbox.


But even though I chose to take up residency in Colorado Springs, it's not like Denver where, come January, you can freely purchase cannabis for recreational usage.  That's right; every locality has the right to decide whether or not recreational cannabis shops can open within their borders.  In fact, if you go even farther south, you won't even find a medical marijuana shop, because Security chose not to support that either.

So, given the fact that there will be no recreational dispensaries popping up in my general area, there's another perk to being a Colorado resident... I can easily apply for a medical marijuana "red card".  Thanks to Amendment 20 and some persistent pain, I am able to acquire the credentials I need to avoid having to drive to another city to get my medication.  And that's on top of the fact that, once I have my red card, I will be able to purchase up to two ounces at a time.

Well, until next Wookwok Wakening... I have to go schedule an appointment with Dr. Reimers.

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  • Hardrock1a

    Forgot to mention that someone living here can also legally grow 6 plants.

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