The Place of Cannabis in a Life

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One year ago, I was 30 years old, leading a $100-million-plus business as head of an Asia-Pacific-wide sales team for Google, and making more money than I ever imagined. I had lived in New York, San Francisco, Bangkok and Singapore, and travelled to over 50 countries. All this because six years before, I landed my dream job at Google in corporate strategy.

I found myself on a secondment in Ghana developing national Internet infrastructure. On my way to a voodoo ceremony with a Ghanian tour guide, I reflected on my career path, admitting to him that I’d lost focus and felt unfulfilled. What he told me changed the course of my life: “You either work on something you love, or work because it supports the people you love.”

That’s when I quit Google.
. . .
My data from TimeOn reflected that I was happiest when I talked to people I loved and about things that I loved.

The three passions in particular are coffee, clothing and cannabis. I love a good coffee, and one major perk of Google is that every office is kitted out with the fanciest of fancy espresso machines.

Fashion and design have shaped my life. My grandfather founded a women’s clothing company called Mister Leonard. My father, Lorne Gertner, an architect by trade and lifelong entrepreneur, co-founded Cannasat Therapeutics, the first publicly traded cannabis company in Canada, more than a decade ago.
. . .
I flew back to Toronto to work closely with my father to develop a brand that would redefine the cannabis marketplace. We opened up Tokyo Smoke’s first showroom, which features a coffee bar, branded clothing and cannabis paraphernalia, such as lighters and rolling papers.

Tokyo Smoke wasn’t to be a Bob Marley-inspired head shop, or one of the many illegal dispensaries, but instead a home to the creative class.


If there is something you want to do in the re-legalized cannabis economy, go do it. The time has come.

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