The POTUS Will Not Be Rescheduling Marijuana

If you were hoping that the Obama Administration would be the one’s to reschedule marijuana you’re going to be disappointed. According to Steve Cohen (D-Tenn), last Thursday at the House Democratic retreat in Baltimore President Barack Obama said that marijuana reform is not on his list of end-of-term priorities. The very next day, White house press secretary John Earnest said that any type of marijuana reform would need to come through congress.

Cohen was disappointed with the president’s response when he asked him if he would like to reschedule marijuana. Cohen said “ On marijuana, he gave the same answer as when I asked him seven years ago: “ If you get me a bill, and get it on my desk, I’ll probably sign it”.

At the briefing John Earnest expanded on the idea. Earnest said, “There are some in the Democratic Party who have urged the president to take this kind of action. The president’s response was, ‘If you feel so strongly about it, and you believe there is so much public support for what it is that you’re advocating, then why don’t you pass legislation about it and we’ll see what happens.’ ”

But there is some hope! Well… not really

There is an administrative process in place that would allow the DEA to reschedule the drug. But knowing the DEA… why would they do that? Four petitions that were initiated to have marijuana rescheduled have had disposition times ranging from five to more than 20 years, each one ultimately being denied. The DEA is currently reviewing yet another petition to have marijuana rescheduled. But with their track record, the outcome does not look promising.

Even the DEA themselves realize that marijuana is not as harmful as other schedule one drugs. However, due to the DEA’s unwillingness to cooperate, and president Obama’s inactivity on the issue, 2016 is looking bleak for marijuana.

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Author: Patrick Thompson

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