The Ripple Effect of the Marijuana Industry

Anyone familiar with “trickle down” economics or the more popular term “supply side” economics (I prefer voodoo economics from Bush the senior) knows why and how medical marijuana will stimulate the economy.  The real irony is that a largely conservative idea like Reagan’s trickle down effect, is blocked from expanding because the legislation needed diametrically opposes conservatives belief that marijuana is evil.  What happens when a town or state is inundated with a new business?  Well, other businesses reap benefits along withe the proprietors of said business.  Confused?  Basically, the marijuana trade in Colorado is helping a lot of other small business owners as well.  Read on to find out how.

The Denver Post highlighted the ever-growing industries that surround the now blossoming medical marijuana trade in Colorado.

Across Colorado, as the medical-marijuana industry has boomed, so too have the businesses providing services to it. And as state lawmakers look to regulate the dispensary business, that outward economic ripple has resulted in a widening ring of people watching to see what happens to an industry they are connected to.

The article goes on to provide examples of other trades affected (all of them positively) by the dispensing of medical marijuana to patients in need; independent contractors, insurance salesmen, real estate agents, security companies, growing supply stores and ventilation system warehouses, all are necessary trades in order for the medical marijuana trade to expand.  This is especially helpful considering America’s faltering economy at present.

“Ken Dlin, a contractor, began working with dispensaries after seeing a niche he could fill, he said.  ‘Right now, it’s an extremely slow period for a lot of contractors,’ Dlin said. ‘So it’s helped.”‘

The scary thing about this article isn’t how much sense it makes for the legalization of marijuana across the US, but the reactions that some people have had towards the owners of medical marijuana dispensaries.  They’re surprised at the level of professionalism and ease with which they do business.  They’re also concerned that too much enthusiasm for the financial uptick is cause for law enforcement’s encroachment.

“At HyGrow, a new hydroponics- supply store north of Denver, there is a reluctance to address marijuana’s place in the business. Products are flying off the shelves.  ‘My warehouse looks pretty full,” owner Suzanne Rosty said. “But it goes out pretty quickly. . . . It’s definitely a booming business.’ Edson said medical marijuana has helped the hydroponics industry flourish, but said that industry leaders, wary of a federal government crackdown, have been cautious in talking about the issue.”

It’s just another reason to hate politicians.  They can’t get out of their own way.

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