The Rise of Vaporizer Popularity

Vaporizers have seen a HUGE increase in sales over the past few years. They have jumped from a $1.7 billion dollar industry in 2014 to a $2 billion industry in just under a year. The easy answer to why is because of its usefulness and practicality of it. We are also going into a time where everyone is health conscious and trying to go green, no pun intended. With that being said, a dry herb vaporizer makes smoking so much easier and at times, more discreet. With the fact that more and more states are giving in and legalizing marijuana, this has been help the boom of vaporizers even more.

A dry herb vaporizer is a device that transfer heat to the herb causing the herb to turn into vapor while not burning any of the toxins. They can range in price from around $30 and go all the way up to $700. Vaporizers have

More Head Shops Carrying Vaporizers

Now that there is such a huge selection of vaporizers, it’s a no brainer as to why vaporizers gaining more attention. Head shops are bringing in many different kinds of vapes along with a bunch of vaporizer stores opening up. This even includes a lot of stores opening up for wholesaling vapes and even adjusting wholesale glass shops to bring more vapes than glass. Vaporizers are pretty much up to par with glass ware at shops which lets you know there is a big market for them.

Dispensaries Carry Vaporizers

With the increase in dispensaries around Los Angeles, it’s a no brainer as to why vape pens are becoming so popular so quick. With such high foot traffic a dispensary gets, there are a lot of vaporizers being sold. This can range from vape pens, table desktop vaporizers, and even portables like the crafty vaporizer.

Interchangeable Vaporizer Attachments

Most vapes are now dual use or even triple use. This means that they can be used for than just herbs. Vaporizers can be used with dry herbs, wax, or even e-liquids for nicotine or thc oil. Vape pens can come standard with 510 threads which makes it almost universal. You can replace your dry herb chamber with a wax chamber and use it with the same battery. This saves a lot of money, time, and resources which also helps with vaporizers practicality.

Minimal Smell

Vapes have made it available for secret marijuana smokers to be even more discreet now. This makes it easier for someone in the dark to stay in the dark without lighting up a lighter. This helps you not stink up either. A joint can smell up your clothes and finger making it hard to get the smell off. A vaporizer even helps the smell not stay on your tongue.

Medical Marijuana Patients

A very good reason why there is such a big jump in vaporizers can be because of the 23 states in the United States have legalized medical marijuana. If a patient is trying to medicate themselves to relieve pain, it will be senseless to harm another part of the body trying to get better. So many patients have moved onto vaporizers where they can medicate peacefully at home or on the go.

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Author: HMJ Staff

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