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It’s a generally accepted concept that NFL teams play better at home than on the road.  More often than not it’s true with a few exceptions like the Philadelphia Eagles who are 7-15 straight up since the start of the 2011 season and a downright pitiful 4-17 against the pointspread on their home field.  Then there’s the Seattle Seahawks.  Seattle not only has the most overwhelming home field advantage in the NFL or even North American professional sports—they very well might have the most formidable home field advantage ever.

To some extent none of this is a surprise.  The Seahawks have always been a team that played better at home than on the road.  Even during the lean years before Pete Carroll took over the team they were good for a competent effort at home despite having little talent other than quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.  This was in marked contrast to their play on the road during this era which was downright embarrassing.  The difference between the current vintage Seahawks and their predecessors, however, is that they’re now loaded with talent.  They’re tough to face anywhere and borderline unbeatable in the ‘Jet City’.

The genesis of the Seahawks’ home field domination came in 2002 when the franchised moved from the Kingdome outdoors to CenturyLink Field.  This served several purposes—most significant among them the fan experience which went from the sedate, almost dreary dampened sound indoors at the dome to a ridiculously loud outdoor venue with the seating built to create the illusion that fans were ‘on top of’ the players.  Exposing opponents to the wind and rain typical of Fall and Winter in the Pacific Northwest didn’t hurt either.

So how good are the current Seattle Seahawks at home?  No matter how you slice up the metrics the results validate their domination.  For example, starting quarterback Russell Wilson has never lost a game at home.  Since 2011 the Seahawks are 16-5 against the pointspread at home.  There may be some minor variation in this record due to different prices at the various options for betting on sports online and off but the bottom line is that betting on Seattle at home has been a huge moneymaker.

None of this is likely to change any time soon.  The Seahawks have a talented young team, a highly competent head coach, supportive ownership and an extremely passionate fanbase.  More significantly, the way their team plays emphasizing tough defense makes them a perfect fit for a loud, intimidating stadium that many opponents consider an almost unfair advantage.

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  • Kiko Artois Cunningham

    The last time the Seahawks lost a home game was on Christmas Eve, to the 49ers…back in 2011. All roads in the NFC have to go through Seattle. It is every NFC teams worst nightmare. A house of horrors. I expect the Seahawks to be in the Super Bowl.

    • LennyHMJ

      They didn’t look so great away from home. They better make sure they do get that homefield.

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