The Silver Tour Plans To Tell Seniors About The Safe Use Of Medical Marijauna

I had the opportunity to meet Robert Platshorn when I was in Denver for the High Times Cannabis cup in April. He is a former drug smuggler who spent 30 years in prison for his part in one of the largest drug rings in the 1970s. When he got out of jail, instead of whining or complaining about all the time he lost, he decided to write a book about his experiences in marijuana culture and life. He also became an advocate for marijuana law reform and is now speaking at several venues in Florida to tell seniors of the health benefits of medical marijuana. A lot of them come from a time when marijuana was looked at even harsher than it is today.

The Wall st Journal recently wrote an article about him which you can view here. Here is a small excerpt:

Selma Yeshion, an 83-year-old retiree here, says she long considered marijuana a menace. “I thought it was something that was addictive” and “would lead to harder drugs,” she says.
Then she attended a presentation at the local L’Dor Va-Dor synagogue in April put on by a group called the Silver Tour. The group aims to persuade seniors to support legislation to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes in Florida. A series of speakers, including a doctor, a patient and several advocates, argued that pot was just what the silver-haired set needed to combat conditions like chronic pain and insomnia.
Robert Platshorn told Florida seniors about medical uses of marijuana.

Finally people are starting to wake up about the fact that not only is marijuana not dangerous but it also has real medical benefit. He is helping seniors to see the truth about it because they can have a huge amount of influence. For more information about the Silver Tour, check out their site and their Facebook page.

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