The Snowboarders are gonna be Stoked!

British Columbia’s notoriously lax approach to marijuana enforcement has always been a nice reminder that some municipalities won’t infringe on recreational users, but with next month’s Olympic games in Vancouver, that might change.  We all know some people frown upon Olympic athletes and pot.

Growing up in Western New York, beasters were the most frequent bud we encountered, so I have a special kinship with the people of B.C., and don’t want their relaxed ways stilted by stupid journalists.  Of special concern is the ability to get high without fear of reprisal by the now spotlighted local law enforcement.  My fears are unwarranted it seems, check out why after the jump.The Chronicle Herald in Nova Scotia is reporting that police aren’t going to step up restrictions on “smoking the dobage” (as my baby boomer parents say) in Vancouver next month.  ‘”Our officers show an exceptional amount of discretion with respect to people smoking marijuana and that will continue,’ said Const. Lindsey Houghton, a spokesperson for the Vancouver Police Department.”

Let’s all rejoice!  But wait…

“”There are people who are coming to visit that live in countries where it may certainly not be against the law so I don’t expect people will come here seeking to openly contravene our drug laws but you know, I’m sure there will be people who do it and I’m sure our officers will do their best to remind them that that’s against the law,’ Houghton said”

That’s still cool–commence rejoicing BCers

For any tourists visiting the city, enjoy the pastoral beauty of the area, and don’t get freaked out that people are giggling and enjoying themselves more than usual.

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