The Top 3 Loveable Losers in NFL History

With the 2008 Detroit Lions sitting pretty at 0-13 and all signs pointing to a miserable no win season, I figured it was time to get into the holiday spirit. Instead of burying them with all the guilt having a chance to go down as one of the worst teams in NFL history, consistently being one of the worst franchises in sports history, and wondering which wide receiver they are going to take in the first round this year, or figuring the odds of what chance they have to win a game by looking at some free NFL picks, I figured it would make everyone feel better if I talked about some of the other bad teams in history.

Do you think it will work?

#3 – 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-14)

The 1976 Bucs were the only team in NFL history to go winless in the entire season. To give them a pass it was their first year in the league, they were inexperienced and extremely mediocre. They only averaged 9 points per game. If only they played baseball they’d be unstoppable.

How could you not love a fumbling bumbling no win team. They were a model of how to be horrible but still get paid handsomely for it. Would they have been a no win team if there were 16 games in the season though?

They answer is probably. Although the seasons were only 14 games at that time, they went into the 1977 season and picked up right were they left off by losing their first 12. 0-26 to start a franchise. Ouch.

#2 – 1990 New England Patriots (1-15)

The only New England Patriots teams I could ever love are teams like this one. It was almost comical how bad they were but lets list some of the highlights and if you are a fellow Pats hater like me, it will warm your heart.

1. Worst offense in the league
2. 2nd worst defense in the league
3. The most points they scored in a game was 24
4. Off the field was just as bad as on the field
5. Sexual harassment charges were brought up against 3 players
6. A bar fight between players resulted in a career ending injury for one of them

If all of that doesn’t make you at least chuckle get this. Their best attended game was the last one against the New York Giants. They knew that no local fans would go so they marketed the game to the New York market and it was a success. More New York fans game out than Pats fans so essentially it was an away game at Foxboro Stadium. Hahahahahaha!!!

#1 – The 90s Bengals (52-108)

The Bengals are the premier franchise to look at if you want to find a horrible franchise that consistentely make a losing product.

In 1990 the Bengals made the playoffs but after they would have 11 losing seasons in a row.

Their owner, Mike Brown, had one major concern and it wasn’t winning. It was making money and how he managed to make a profit from one of the worst franchises in any sport on any level is still a mystery to me.

The coaching staff was horrible, they QB searches were laughable and they breaded a whole generation of new basketball fans in Cincinnati because football clearly wasn’t made for that city.

After giving us a brief scare of them actually being good in 2005, the Bengals are back to old scrubs we all know and love this season with a 1-11-1 season thusfar.

So what have we learned today?

Not too much except that the Lions aren’t necessarily the worst team in history, just pretty bad but that’s no reason to hate them. Unless you live in Detroit of course.

What do you guys think? Will they go winless this season?

Not that I encourage you to gamble or anything (wink wink) but if you were so inclined to do so, I’d check the sportsbook over at Betus. If there was ever a lock, this may be it.

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