The “Ultimate Spot”

       We’ve all been in this situation before, wanting to toke up with friends while out during the day. We might toke up in a car, in the street or in the mountains somewhere while hiking, but we all had to look for place to medicate. There are designated places where you can light up where no one would think twice about looking or even suspect.

       For example, my friend and I would drive around looking for a place to park in order for us to smoke. A big parking lot would do fine for our little excursion. We would then scope out the parking lot looking for the best spot to blaze. Once situated, we didn’t want to spend too much time there — just enough time to light up and get the process going.

        If you want to medicate in the city, street corners are my preference; sidewalks are cool, too, as long as you are in walking motion. If you ever visit a bar and want to light up, step outside, hang a quick right, do the head turn (look around for unruly people) and proceed to smoke weed, indeed.

        I used to have a lot of spots back then, when cannabis was not as open as it is today. I believe you cannot put a price on blazing. Just the fact that you are medicating is priceless. There is no other feeling like it in the universe. So, what do you consider your “ultimate spot?” Meaning, the perfect place to get lit? How would you blaze and where?

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Author: HMJ Staff

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