The Vault: Garden of Seedin’

Never before has the demand for quality cannabis reached such heights as it has today. With the push for legalization and scientific exploration in states across the country becoming stronger, so does the demand for the superior product. To get the best quality product, one must blaze a trail to the source of said production: the seed. A strain of any kind of plant is only as good as its seed, and with The Vault seed bank, the best quality is all you get.

Based in the UK, The Vault has supplied the marijuana community with the finest seeds and customer service, all packaged in an easy-to-use website: Not only does their website offer seeds from dozens of breeders, they have a wide selection of feminized seeds (seeds identified as female — so as to take the guessing of the gender out of the growing equation), which in itself makes The Vault special.

This seed bank puts the needs of the customer ahead of their own by offering free seeds with every order. Add that to the free shipping and The Vault is a serious contender in the seed bank world. The creators of The Vault sympathize with their customers and use stealth shipping for all of their international orders, and will gladly resend an order if it is lost in the delivery process. The Vault also actively supports the fight for legalization worldwide and is a staunch supporter of the medicinal patient.

The Vault was started by guys who know what consumers have come to expect in a seed bank, and have delivered top quality seeds with top quality people taking the orders. Growers all over the world need to take notice of this company — whether you are a seasoned farmer with fields of green or a curious stoner growing your first plants in your window sill, The Vault is the first step in quality cultivation.



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