The Verizon Guy Is A Snitch

Pot Grower Says Verizon Fios Guy Ratted Him Out

If you have a grow setup in your house, you should just accept the fact that you will not be allowed to have any cable service in your home unless it was set up prior to your grow system being set up.


Just ask PuffPuffPuffGive from the forums.

So, I have a small clone garden growing, under 15 plants, in the wash room of my apartment.

I live in Maryland.

Out of the 15 plants, 10 are almost ready.

So, Verizon FIOS needs to enter my apartment to put their bullshit cable into my life. I take the day off work, move the plants to a room they won’t be working in. (the plants are ak-47 clones, 1 week to harvest, stinky, about half a pound)

Verizon Fios enters, cuts holes in my ceiling, in the bathroom, the washingmachine/grow room (completely empty), and another room.

Then one of the motherfucking workmen calls the police on me for smelling bud.

Cops show up an hour later, say they’ve got a complaint, can they search?
I say, No, that I smoked a joint earlier in the day and maybe they saw that, but why are they harassing me smoking a joint in my own house?

They go to the rental office, tell them that they could not verify the mj smell, and that they did not arrest me.

Do I have grounds to sue Verizon for this breach of privacy?

If so, anyone know a MD lawyer?

or should I just shut up?

should I get rid of my gear?
(we’re moving june 14 to another , bigger apt in same complex)

I have no other legal issues.

Some help, commiseration would be great!

-Puff Puff

Now to be fair to Verizon, this info is from some random person on a message board so it could just be an rumor or a fabricated lie but I doubt this person has nothing better to do than badmouth Verizon.

The Business Insider contacted Verizon and they claim that none of their techs know anything about it. I doubt they researched it that much and if they did, they probably would protect their snitch.

The truth or not? The world may never know but I will say this, be ultra careful if you grow at home and have any sort of anyone over who doesn’t live there.

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