The Weed You Smoke Will Soon Be Able To Be Tracked by Its DNA

At the University of New Haven in New Haven, Connecticut, researcher Heather Coyle has developed a marijuana DNA database which can take a tiny amount of marijuana and tell you the name of the strain and possibly where it originated from. The new DNA analysis could be used by law enforcement officials to trace the origin of the marijuana found during a bust.

They can find out whether it was grown in Mexico and formed part of a drug cartel’s shipment. Or maybe the dope was part of a crop from northern California’s “Emerald Triangle” and sold at a freewheeling Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensary.

What makes this really interesting is that the state of Connecticut is already researching and debating the idea of medical marijuana and if this were to happen, it would put Connecticut with New Jersey, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island as states with medical marijuana laws in the northeast. Having another state approve a MMJ bill in the northeast is monumental to showing our government that from coast to coast, we are serious about marijuana.

Apparently Coyle’s team also has cards that will be used by law enforcement where they can rub some marijuana on the card, send it to the lab, and in turn find out where it came from and its strain name. This kind of technology is going to hopefully put away more of the real bad guys in the industry and keep the good ones who are providing jobs, following laws, and helping sick patients. However since the project is still in the research phase, they won’t be taking any evidence for any actual cases.

While Coyle believes cannabis DNA should be used by medical marijuana states to impose stricter regulations on the type of pot that can be grown, I maintain that’s a BAD idea. The whole reason medical marijuana works so well for many is the fact that so many strains are available, all providing customized relief for patients suffering with different ailments. What needs to be realized is that it’s not the variety of weed that’s the problem, it’s the cartels running the black market for cannabis that is concerning.

While I am for complete legalization, I believe that following the regulations outlined in medical marijuana states is crucial to proving to our dumb government that with the right rules and regulations in place, legal marijuana can work in this country. If we continue to violate these rules then we basically strengthen our opponent’s side of the argument instead of our own.


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Author: dankOG420

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