The Whitest State in the Country [Connecticut] Continues to Push for Medical Marijuana Legalization

Despite the recent warnings from State Attorneys to cease and desist all attempts to legitimize medicinal marijuana, the WASPiest state in the nation is going ahead anyway. This means Connecticut might actually have some cool cache with people like me who believe it’s the most terrible place in the world. Read on to hear more about the legislation and my antipathy towards the ironically nicknamed “Constitution State.”

It’s commendable what Connecticut Democrats are trying to do, but federal lawmakers are cracking down:

U.S. attorneys in several states, including Washington and Rhode Island, have warned state officials that while the Justice Department does not plan to prosecute sick people who use marijuana for medical purposes, it is prepared to prosecute those who grow or distribute the substance, regardless of state law.

Connecticut, isn’t backing down, so they’re going ahead with their attempts at a Bill to provide physicians (with a permit to do so) the ability to write prescriptions for medical marijuana.

But Rep. Gerald Fox, D-Stamford and the  Judiciary Committee co-chairman, said Tuesday that while he is keeping an eye on the potential legal challenges going on in other states, he does not believe that will kill the momentum of this bill.

“I don’t think that will hold up the bill,” said Fox, D-Stamford. “I will certainly pay attention to the federal government when something happens.”

Lawlor agrees.

“The feds haven’t done anything yet. We’re just trying to get a sense of what these letters mean,” he said. “There are definitely mixed messages coming from Washington on this.”

HUZZAH to Connecticut lawmakers!

Now if Connecticut could just get their roided up, always white police officers along the interstate to stop hassling every long-haired writer cruising through their town, then I might stop calling you the Caucasian contretemps.

[Connecticut Mirror; pic via the Fresh Scent]

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