The World View Of Cannabis Is Changing Before Our Eyes

The world views are changing about marijuana. You cannot deny that within our lifetime they would be major changes over the world with the laws regarding this beautiful plant. Our friends over at the Dope Smoker compiled an amazing list of the changing attitudes to cannabis around the world by country.  This original and comprehensive list is inspiring.  Check out what is happening in a few of the countries listed below.


“The 1st Copa Canábia Rio 420 was held with 12 marijuana samples – each with eight grams – from different parts of Brazil.”


“A proposed bill in Chile would legalize the consumption, possession and cultivation of marijuana.”


“as the global market for marijuana experiences an unprecedented boom after being widely legalised, it is China that again appears to have set its eyes on dominating trade in the drug.”


“Italian Senate Justice Committee has downgraded the seriousness of marijuana cultivation from a criminal offence to an administrative matter. “


“A broad spectrum of prominent Mexicans, including former ministers, businessmen, artists and a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, on Wednesday urged the government to decriminalize marijuana in a bid to curb gang violence and corruption. “

South Africa

“The country’s National Drug Master Plan has called for an in-depth study on the need for decriminalizing or legalizing the substance.”

Huffington Post created this infographic showing the most friendly marijuana places in the country.  I am so happy to be a part of this revolution.


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  • spoiled_sport

    The map needs to be updated as Uruguay is now fully legal.