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A large number of people want some type of change brought to the war on drugs.  How much change they want runs the full spectrum from a tiny bit to total.  But all agree on the need for some kind of change.   We need to figure out a way for all of these people to register (maybe threaten) their willingness to vote — in the upcoming presidential election — based completely on any candidates position on the war on drugs.
I want to stop the war on some drugs and legalize cannabis. I say that in case you were wondering. We are three months and a few days out from the Presidential election, where we have another choice between two guys neither of which likes us or thinks they need us. This election looks like it is going to be close. It is possible that, if “organized,” the block of votes that want some kind of change to the war on drugs just might have an impact on the upcoming election.

I guess the word I want is pander — to get elected would one of these candidates pander to us? I bet so.

Our challenge is to find a way to identify ourselves as a voting block. And that turns out to be easy — we can all change our voter registration to the Libertarian Party. The Libertarians are already on record as intending to end the war on drugs. A mass surge in Libertarian membership would make news everywhere. And, when the source of the surge runs back to support for ending the war on drugs I bet both major party candidates come running with what we want to hear. We are talking about registering or changing your registration for this one purpose. And, just so it gets said, how you actually vote will be up to you, as always.

Imagine an election predicted to be decided by less than 2% of the vote. What might a block of 3% be worth in such an election? There are more of us out here than anyone realizes. And joining with us are lots of people who are neither anti-or-pro-pot, people who don’t care if you enjoy pot as long as you do so responsibly. But being taken seriously as a voting block requires we identify ourselves. It is time to stop hiding. It will require courage but it is time to come out for cannabis. There are more of us than anyone realizes. It’s time to display that truth.

We also need a catchy name for this group / voting block. Something a bit more dignified than the “stoner block.” Your thoughts are solicited.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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