This Deserves an Oscar

With the Oscar’s only a few hours past, I would have liked to see some type of award go to the Huffington Post Business section.  They reported on a new study from Norway, 25 years in the making, which admits that it can’t link the its conclusion to the drug’s[cannabis] effects. Nor can it account for the social environment test subjects were exposed to. It’s also possible that dissatisfied workers tend to be more likely to turn to drugs.


Allowing all of those limitation which might qualify any conclusions, the headline in the Huff Post is Marijuana Users Feel Less Dedicated to Work. The original story is here. What strikes me as business as unusual is the negative spin placed on an essentially neutral study. This is an old practice.

Back in the 1930-40’s, the Mayor LaGuardia of NYC, chaired a committee which refuted all the allegations made in the 1937 federal act that made marijuana illegal. LaGuardia’s conclusion was that pot was not a big deal. If this is new information to you you might enjoy looking here.

History repeated in the Nixon Administration. Nixon sent Gov. Shafer of Pennsylvania to write a report concluding that cannabis is the enemy of mankind. When finished its work the Shafer Commission concluded pot was no big thing. The Shafer Commission is here. No American president since Nixon has asked for a study about cannabis.

We are going to have to set the record straight. Every time you hear someone slander the plant, teach them the truth. One of these days the weight of the truth will shift the scales our way.

Start the journey here. All images courtesy of google.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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