This is Why Your Kid Gets High

This is quite the find from houroc.  From the youtube channel DementedRants comes a video of an enraged father discussing the failure of our country to protect the children from the evils of marijuana.  In the video, a burly looking man, with a beard that is strangely familiar, rants about the evils of marijuana, and the stupidity of the legalization movement because, you know, it’s only stupid potheads making the argument.  Check out the video and HMJ’s analysis after the jump.

This video was titled: “This guy is so much that is wrong with America” on reddit, and we couldn’t agree more.  He reminds me of a guy that can’t get it up without a gun, and thinks that Bill O’Reilly is a man’s man.  Any time someone claims the best policy for dealing with your son is “kicking him in the balls,” and then advocates that his “stupid teenage a__hole son” should be kicked out of the house, you gotta follow his advice right?  What makes me even angrier is my father has a gnarly beard (and is the most tolerant guy you will ever meet).  Can we please make sure this guy gets Child Protective Services called on him?  Thanks.

Oh, and if you’re the son of this father, leave us a comment or your phone number, so we can make sure to get you silly high when you’re in the NYC area.  Pretty soon you’ll be out of that terrible house anyway.  If you do get kicked out you can stay with us.  All the HMJ writers live in a nice bungalow in Manhattan, and you can be our next roommate.

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Author: Tyrel

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