This Just In, Marijuana Being Illegal Is Stupid

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Six months ago the marijuana laws were changed in Massachusetts for marijuana to where, if you have a small amount of marijuana or are caught smoking in public, instead of being taken to jail you would get a $100 fine. $100 can buy a decent amount of weed though, maybe that’s why people are blowing off the fines left and right. Here are some examples:

• In Arlington, a public works employee was cited by the local police chief for smoking a pot pipe as he stood next to his town-issued tractor.

• At bustling Park Street Station, a pair of nonchalant lovers out on the town openly lit up a joint and continued toking even after confronted by off-duty Milton Chief Richard Wells.

• In East Boston, four teens spotted in a “smoke-filled vehicle” unabashedly told a cop they were “just smoking marijuana.”

• A man caught near a Dorchester playground laughed when police said he faced a $100 fine – and then taunted the cops with an expletive-laced tirade.

LoL @ the people who laughed at the fine. That would have been my exact reaction as well.

It has gotten to the point where police don’t even want to enforce the law because it costs towns $250 to send a police officer to court for a ticket but if they don’t even show up it’s bad business. The way the law is in place, there are no penalties for not paying the fine. No warrants, no license suspension, no nothing.

Could this be their way of legalizing it without legalizing it?

I don’t know but I know this, when I go to the Boston Freedom Rally this year, I know what I will be doing before they change the law.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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