This Kid is Baller!!

Can I just hold one for a little while?  Promise I wont run off!
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Can I just hold one for a little while? Promise I won't run off!

This kid is now super rich. Joe Cada, a 21 year old from Michigan, is now the World Series of Poker Main Event champion. He won $8.5 million in prize money for first place, even though he doesn’t get nearly that much. In poker it’s pretty normal to have someone pay your buy in to a tournament and then you split your winnings with them. He got bought in by a couple of friends, so he really won $4.25 million for himself, and after taxes that would come out to roughly $43,000. I’m just kidding, it’s probably more like $3 million, which means he won’t need anyone to pay for him anymore. Well played sir, it makes the $240 bucks I won last night while staying up until 4 am almost seem stupid.

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Author: the white kid

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