This Time is Different?

New York Councilman Danny Droom (Democrat, rep. Jackson Heights) has sponsored a bill that is calling for New York to legalize marijuana. More importantly, there’s a petition going around the city that’s calling for all supporters to get behind this bill by adding their name.

Now, I don’t mean to roll my eyes, but it seems like we’ve had a lot of noise surrounding New York and the MMJ legalization. The buzz seems to build in New York City (the big, open, free-spirited, parade-crazed place) to only stall in Albany (the stuffy, old-white-men-in-suits place). Even in New York City, however, there’s a crazed fervor from the opposition:

The loudest dissenting voice belonged to Democrat Peter F. Vallone Jr., who represents Astoria. Vallone—who recently helped to shut down a proposed graffiti art exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum on the basis that it would “encourage criminality”—called the proposed measure a “prescription for disaster.”

Really? Graffiti was associated with criminals back in the 80s along with break-dancing and Grand Master Flash or some shit. Come ON NYC! These backwards individuals are a main reason why I can’t be too excited about this bill or the floating petition. I’m more concerned with what next week’s news will be in yet another dispute to legalize marijuana in the City. I definitely can’t wait to hear the rationale of the those against medical marijuana legislation, spouting cockamamie reasons why.

[Vallone] went on to speculate that if medical marijuana were legalized it would end up being “sold near schools.”

Come on. Like this Droom dude is really sponsoring a bill intended to benefit young weed-smokers skipping school. Ah, then there’s hope on the back of ignorant politicians to bring me back around. One of the best arguments for legalization is that it will no longer be as unregulated as Wall Street, so (if marijuana were legal) Vallone could actually work towards, say, placing dispensaries away from schools (and don’t forget the churches!) and out of the hands of criminals…hey, it’s an argument.

So sign the petition everyone! Even if I am a skeptic, feel free to add my name, too.

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Author: Cece Rubic

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