Thought Thursday: Name Your Strain

Thought Thursday is back and better than ever. For those of you who are new, let me put you up to speed. Our Thought Thursdays are a column where we discuss a specific topic and let all of the members of the HMJ team chime in. We love it if you share your thoughts on the topics in the comments as well.

Todays topic is name your strain. If you had your own strain what would you call it, how would you describe it and what would it’s effects be?



My strain would be called New G. It describes me. It would be an upper that stimulates thought and ambition. It would accomplish the goal of those who aspire to be higher.

Fallback Phil

I have two. 1. “Derek Fisher” because you get higher and higher, and just when you think it’s over, you get high again. Effects: excitement and then happiness. 2. “The Truth” to be high is the truth and the truth is being real. There’s no other feeling like it in the universe. Effects: feelings of security, content, and confidence.


I would call my strain Nancikush. She smells like bubble gum, leaves a sticky, fragrant residue on the fingertips of anyone lucky enough to know her, on the first hit she pushes on your entire head, from the inside, moving outward.

Every time you come to her you remember why you get high.


I’m working towards creating multiple different “Wookwok” strains, which are going to be derived from my two favorite strains. What are those two? I don’t know yet! But I’ll be posting strain reviews, as I progress through the process of picking my two favorites. Ideally, my strains will be caked in crystals, smell heavenly, and give you a smooth, flavorful hit that gets you ready for bed, but doesn’t mess with your memory. I can see my strains being organically-grown indicas which really help people deal with pain, and are potent enough to please the dabbers out there as well.

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