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There is nothing like rolling up a joint of fresh marijuana. The aroma and buzz that joint brings to the room of people is extremely relaxing. 99.9% stoners love sitting around with a group of people just rolling joints and packing bong snaps. The conversations and laughs you have while getting stoned is what getting stoned is all about.

I don’t know enough about vaping marijuana besides the new vape pens faze we’re going through. Although, I don’t use mine that much. I do see the positives with vaporizers. When you vape your weed, you’re doing 3 things stoners love:

  1. Getting Really High
  2. Saving Weed
  3. Saving Money

What stoner doesn’t want to do those 3 things? The only downfall of a vape is the taste of the marijuana and the time it takes heat up. The time, in the long run isn’t a huge factor. It seems like a vape is the best thing. Well the HMJ staff might think a little differently or not. Find out what we think below. Comment with what you think is better.


For me its all about flavor and vaping devices such as the volcano and such always seem to taste like old $20 coffee machines(not the actual taste but that stale strange inherent to the device. I’ve seen a ton at expos that in theory wouldn’t and I do dab and love using a glass vape wand on bubble hash. Then I just got a eclipse vape 14mil attach for my sheldon black thats pretty dope. So wait I’m totally faded off of this HGH Tahoe OG Nectar from VFL that I vaped so I guess Vape>Burn for me as of late.


A few years back I was a dedicated vaporizer.  Owned several different kinds, used them all.  Used but did not own a Volcano.  Plus, nothing stretches a limited stash — and isn’t all stash limited? — like a vaporizer.  Pays for itself in no time.

Some strains of cannabis offer surprising flavors in the vape — flavor that just gets quick-fried with a flame.  Only by NOT combusting the materials can you find these flavors — it’s the  aromatic terpenes you want to boil off, not burn off, to find the taste.   That was the game, for me, at the time.  A vapor high, for me, stays in the head, and that is where I like my high to be.  See why I was a happy vapor guy?

Then, at the 2005 Toker’s Bowl in Vancouver I was introduced to the gravity bong.  I have smoked from nothing else since.  The gravity bong delivers the high with authority.  Evidently I like that, too.  Shout out to the Gravitron, my current weapon of choice.


I have limited experience with vaporizers. I have actually never used a Volcano Vaporizer. My experience extends to handheld vaporizers and a few old-school wooden ones.  Is vaporizers have certainly served their purpose. (Learn about the difference on smoking and vaporizing here) However, I still allow the process of rolling up a joint and passing it around. I feel like a lot of bonding is done during the cypher.  I also happen to be fun smoking. I know that it isn’t as healthy as vaporizing because you are still putting smoke in your lungs but I like the feeling of smoke my lungs.  That probably doesn’t sound good but it is the truth.  You will still get high off of vaporizing but it is not the same experience.


I love vaping, I really do… However, I can’t say I feel ‘high’ from a vape, not even close, especially when it comes to vaping herbs. Even with vaping concentrates, a rig is much preferred. When I use a portable vaporizer for concentrates, I still know my last name, and I just feel like it’s so much less effective to the point that it feels like a waste of product. I have been looking for a new vape that actually works for me, but I know I’m way more likely to end up buying more herb and rolling papers or maybe some nice new glass than to wait and save up to buy a new vaporizer.

On the other hand, it’s hard for me because it’s not always possible to just hit an oil rig — in public, for example — but using empty e-cig cartridges to load up with oil & using a much stronger battery has worked for the most part to keep me medicated while on the move if I need it, so I don’t understand why other vaporizers have proved ineffective for me… I stopped smoking tobacco using e-cigs, and it’d be nice, in theory, to have the action repeat itself for Mary, but if things remain the way they have been, there’s no way I’ll end up trading combustion for vaporization.

Even if I discover a vape worth investing in, I think I like bongs too much to just turn to that side for good.


Are you still reading? You must no be smoking smoking some good sativa or you just enjoy HMJ a lot if you are. I hope both.

Vaping vs smoking has and always will be a tough clash of methods of smoking. If you vape your marijuana: you get higher, save weed and money. What Greenie doesn’t want to save money, get really high and save weed? That sounds like cloud 9 for most stoners. However, when you vape, you miss out on the wonders of rolling up and packing bong bowls.  There is just something so relaxing breaking up and rolling up flower. I do love getting higher and saving weed but I’d rather have the quality time with the marijuana.


Smoking is more of a body high for me compared to vaporizing. Vaporizing is more of an intense head high. It usually depends what time of day or what kind of high I am looking for. If I want to get work done, ill take a fat bong rip, or some a good joint. When it comes to vapes, I prefer something like the Volcano or the VapExhale to give that clear headed head rush that feels like your head is a balloon. Dabbing and vaping would be more of a recreational. The intense head high lasts only about 15 to 20 minutes, though a nice bong hit or a joint would last 45 min to an hour usually. I prefer smoking because its a different high compared to vaporizing

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