Thoughts Thursday: What’s Your Experiences With Police and Marijuana?

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Police and marijuana has never seemed to go over to well. That is up until the past few years, and depends on your country and even state. A marijuana smoker is still arrested every 45 seconds in the U.S. We still get paranoid around the fuzz. That’s just a normal thing, unfortunately. But times are changing and at a drastic measure. Police officers are now ignoring people snitching on weed smokers, cops walking with 2 pound joints and now cops taking funny bong pictures like the one above. Everybody has different experiences with the popo. Some of us are let off scotch free, while others do some time in the pen.

Our writers have stories that vary all over the place. Some ending happy and others ending very shitty. Regardless of the story, we stick up for marijuana.


I got arrested for weed in NYC. Not really a fun experience. Now I live in Cali and my only experience with weed and police was my first week here. I was smoking while walking around in downtown Los Angeles. I am usually good at looking out for cops and I was still used to doing there here. I turned around and a cop drove right by me, close enough that they could smell it with their windows down. They kept going! Crazy! Maybe they had some real issues to deal with. Shouts to those cops.


My first experience with the police and marijuana was at the end of a crazy drive from Los Angeles to Denver for the 4/20/2013 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup. After a beautiful drive blazing through a few not so weed friendly states and surviving a ride through a blizzard at 3am on the side of a mountain, we made it into Colorado. Side note: Driving through the snow on the mountainside was one of the most terrifying yet adrenaline pumping thing I’ve ever done. I couldn’t even see more than 3 feet ahead of me and a lane to my left was the edge of the road/side of the mountain. If we stopped we could’ve gotten stuck in the snow so we just said fuck it, let’s go. The journey’s too big to end here.

Anyway we were safe and zooming on the road less than an hour away from the hotel when police pulled us over. It was a long drive & the weed smell was pretty apparent in the car. There was only one cop at first then he called back up who seemed pretty aggressive and eager to violate our rights as he stood in the background, menacingly smiling at the car while he placed on his gloves. The first officer asked to search the vehicle which we refused but then knowing Colorado laws Lenny admitted to having a small amount of weed on us. He said if he takes the weed, we roll down the windows and the smell fades away then we’d be alright. So we agreed gave him the weed and what felt like an eternity or maybe 15/20 minutes later he came back, gave us our weed and a warning for speeding. From surviving mother natures harsh forces to surviving the American law enforcement that was the most epic drive. Whenever I’m on my mission I’m protected.


I want to say that I’m the only HMJ member that has been incarcerated for marijuana. I’ve never obeyed the law when it came to marijuana. I was put on probation for under a gram of marijuana. I had 18 months of probation. I smoked for 80% of the time. I thought it was just ridiculous that I needed to stop for possessing under a gram. I learned the hard and got 90 days in jail for violating my probation. I knew it was going to happen, so I just waited for them to catch me. I ended up doing a smooth 65 days. I got out on early release because of the “crime” I committed. You will never hear me say “Fuck the police” and be serious about. It’s fuck the judge and prosecutor in my book. They are the real people that fuck you over. The cops are just doing their job. The judges’ are the ones fucking it all up.


My closest call with the police was way back when I was in college and my roommates and I took a jab at growing. We didn’t really hide it that well, because our landlord knew something was up, but nothing happened until I had moved back home… First I get a call from my old roommate, where he told me someone had come into the house, without any signs of breaking in (or 24 hour notice) and had taken a quarter pound of deliciousness from his closet, so of course he thought it was me. But within a couple days the landlord gave HIM a call, saying they had found “drugs” in his room (which they stole without reporting to the police), and that they found our little grow boxes (which they took pictures of), and we only had a couple days to clean everything up before they were having someone come over to inspect. Am I glad we got the opportunity to clean everything up before any authorities were called (which meant no charges for us)? Yes, but it would have been nice if the landlord had given us 24 hours notice before they came into the house we were overpaying for. And it would have been nice if they didn’t steal the “evidence” so my friend didn’t try to blame me for it. It seemed more like they were pissed about not being able to share our pot of green, and took a quarter pound buffer zone and promptly threw a fit. Ah well, I had to start somewhere and it was fun trying to wrangle in a sativa in my tiny closet… it was as tall as I am.


On my first trip to Vancouver, in 2003, my American paranoia barred me from reaching an event. I was hold some excellent cannabis (Toker’s Bowl) and a pipe and got scared about passing a group of cops. I came to understand the group of cops were directing traffic and did not care about my pipe and pot. But, after a lifetime of being conditioned to keep my cannabis-self as invisible as possible, I guess freedom will take a while to internalize. I hope we all soon have that chance.


When I lived in Pennsylvania I knew this kid who grew and sold weed. So when I went to pick it up I went with 2 friends and we drove my car which had a brake light out. We got in an out and got about 5 grams of weed. On our way back I was driving the speed limit to make sure we didn’t get pulled over. But a cop that came out of no where and his lights came on and I pulled over to the side of the ride. So I told my friends to hide the weed and to not panic. So one girl stuffed the weed in her vagina and zipped up her pants. When cop came to the window we played cool and the cop only made mention of my head light and have me a warning. So when we left the cop we all now had to face the fact that our weed was in this bitches vagina. After that I bought a weed stash and vowed never to allow any female to stuff weed in her vagina. Because we ended up a gram short of what we bought. And never saw that shit again.


The one time I had an experience with weed and police wasn’t too bad. Me and a buddy were smoking in my car at night at a church parking lot. Thinking it would be a nice chill spot to light one up real quick. To our dismay though, suddenly 3 cars swoop in behind my parked car with search lights on. I didnt have my medical card at the time but thankfully my friend did. So luckily, the police simply searched my car looked at our driver’s licenses and told us to leave and not smoke in public areas and left. Unfortunately they forgot to return our licenses to us before driving off. I then received it in the mail a few days later.

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Author: HMJ Staff

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