Throw Your Weed Overboard When The Police Board Your Yacht Like Rick Ross

Rick Ross was on his yacht last Thursday April 19th. Apparently the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission smelled the odor of some fine green or purple buds being burned. The FFWCC boarded the boat to give a full search. They came up empty handed with absolutely nothing. I bet you he just flashed his badge and everything was cool. I’m kidding, that’s old news. But the comment section isn’t letting up on that.

A representative for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission indicated that a member of Ross’ crew admitted to smoking weed on board and throwing it overboard when he saw the police.

I bet it was Gunplay, rapper part of his group Triple C’s, who threw that weed overboard. Gunplay really doesn’t care about anything but drugs, money and women.

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Author: MisterMaryJane

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  • Sean

    Omg really there wasting my tax dollars on this shit please fire everyone of those ads holes. Are will really as a country still wasting time on weed. I’m so sick of the goverment wasting my money on this we all know weed is 10000 better for you then liquor or cigs. Look goverment find a new poster child maybe all the crooks in Congress or Wall Street waste my money on the people stiling in the billions from its own people

  • T-time

    Now that's why my buds sometimes have pubic hairs stuck in them.