Time for a Tolerance Break?

Written by: Patrick Thompson

Do you use cannabis on a regular basis and feel like its effects are a fraction of what they should be? Do you find yourself consuming more bud than you used to in order to feel the effects of your “medicine?” If so, it might be time for a tolerance break.

A tolerance break is a break from consuming cannabis to flush your body of the cannabinoids that have built up in your system, the most notable being THC. When you regularly use cannabis, your body builds up a tolerance to the psychoactive, and in time, you will begin to experience diminishing returns from your medicine.

During a tolerance break, make sure to stay hydrated to help flush out the cannabinoids in your body.

Aside from lowering your body’s cannabinoid count, you end up saving some money by abstaining from use. A “T-break” is also a good time to apply for jobs that require a drug test.

But, how long should the break last? It depends on the user. Some users will find that skipping the wake and bake and smoking later on in the day will be enough to amplify the drug’s effects. Others break for about a week or two so their cannabinoid count is even lower. If you want to completely clean out your system, you should break for about a month.

However long you decide, it is very important to stay hydrated during your tolerance break.

Even if the effects of cannabis do not feel muted, you may still want to take a tolerance break from time to time. Regardless of how well you function on cannabis, you will find that you have a different outlook and different capabilities when you have a clear head.

Remember that cannabis is supposed to be used as an enhancement for life, not a substitute for it. You will gain a new respect for your medicine once you resume consumption and are hit full force with feelings of creativity, euphoria and wellness.

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Author: Patrick Thompson

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